The Migration of White (and Black) America

Alright – first things first.  I’m not a racist.  I have Black friends, Asian friends, and household 6 is Hispanic.  I am a “white boy/cracker/pinkie/whatever your idiot mind can come up with”.  I’m proud of my color – as everyone should be.  What I’m going to relate here are my personal observations and those as shared by my immediate friends and family.

Some background first.  I moved here to this small town with my family in 1977 as a teenager from Hollywood.  The first thing I noticed:  Segregation was alive and well – but slightly evolved.  Black folks lived in one part of town, hung out together pretty exclusively at school, and white folks pretty much did the same.  The entire town was peaceful, clean, and quiet.  Fights in high school were limited to off campus teenager sloppy punch exhibitions.  The words “nigger” “cracker” or any other racial epithet were rarely ever heard.  Race wasn’t a problem.  There were interracial couples and no one got up in airs about it.   MOF from what I’ve been told from both Blacks and Whites race didn’t start to become an issue until the mid 90s (about the time the Clinton admin and Jessee Jackson/Al Sharpton/David Duke and the like started stirring it up).  And it’s damn sure a much more sore subject nowadays.

Anyway as soon as I finished high school I jumped right into the Army.  I won’t go into detail but I loved the Army enough to stay 23 years.  So I was a “career soldier” or “lifer”.  And after being those I became a “security consultant”, “personal security specialist”, and even a “training consultant” in both the Middle East and Africa working contracts.    Flash forward and household 6 has done such an excellent job of money management that I went “Gault” (look it up) and bought a small ranch back home where it was nice and quiet and away from all things military a little over a year ago.  Why did I italicize those words?  because fuck me running I was wrong.

The town I returned to almost three decades later had changed.  It looked like shit, and smelled like shit.  Neighborhoods were overgrown, graffiti was everywhere, and I actually read about murders in this once “quiet little town”.  A guy I went to high school with was a deputy in the local SO and he filled me in on how crime had exploded in the last couple of decades.  And warned me where not to go after dark.  Excuse the fuck outta me – “where not to go after dark?”  Yup.  So what changed?

The free shit army took over.  If you look at that neat little welfare map the county I left and returned to was dark red – meaning over 33% of those folks were on some form of government assistance (all races).  Businesses that were once thriving died or moved.  The lazy became the majority and now even such simple work as sitting behind a desk at a call center (one of the larger employers in the area) can’t be filled.  Seriously – they keep announcing they have over 300 openings and can’t fill them.  Why?  Mandatory drug testing.  I now lived in a county taken over by the lowest denominator of humanity – lazy dope smoking troops of the free shit army.

Something else changed as well.  Within the first few weeks of moving back my wife asked “Why does everyone in town look like trash?”  It was then that I noticed it.  Driving around the town was a conglomeration of race but it was like being in a mashup of idiocracy meets west side story.  Chalk it up to demographics, no big deal right?  Wait, there’s more.  My mother put her house in an adjacent to ours rural area on the market shortly after we returned.  This was a modest three bedroom one bath brick job on a single acre.  She built this house in the early 80s for a whopping 39k.  It sold for $175k.  WTF?  It seems the demand for houses outside of the city in white areas is HUGE.  400% huge.  I was flabbergasted.  Then I looked at the township I bought my ranch in.  Almost exclusively White with a few Hispanics here and there.    Since I know the local GOP committee chairman I asked him about it.  He shrugged and said something to the effect of  “nobody wants to live in town – it’s just not desirable and anyone wit the money is moving into the country”.  The demographics also pointed out something shocking – the median income actually has dropped over $10k  a years for the last three years and hasn’t increased in over 10 years.  Why is that?  Simple – anyone worth a shit has moved or is moving away form the city.  White, Black, Hispanic – it didn’t matter.  People that can afford to are leaving for rural areas. And the cities are becoming a collection point for the lowest common denominator in humanity – dope smoking troops of the free shit army.

This creates an interesting situation.  As Blacks migrate back to the south from the north they tend to bring along the metropolitan mentality with them.  Now let me define metropolitan mentality – it’s the expectations of what city living should be along with the associated crime and thuggery as well.  Just like the areas that accepted Katrina refugees the areas experiencing an influx of Northern Blacks have also experienced an increase in crime (both violent and non violent).  The real paradox is that with the economy in the shitter most of those immigrants having brought their Chicago style mentality with them find out there’s not enough jobs (at least the ones they want).  So it seems to be a trend that crimes committed by folks having lived here less than 3 years is the predominant source of crime in this area.

What about the Black farmers in the area?  We historically always had a good percentage of good southern Black farmers working their multi-generational family farms with pride.  It’s declining here and at a rapid rate.  Why?  Simple – younger generations of those families simply don’t want to farm, preferring instead to gravitate towards urban life and other opportunities (both good and bad).   Those farms are getting cut up and sold as “ranchettes” to folks with money to afford a few acres and a ranch house.

What’s the significance?  Sometime Google Jameson Avenue Rhodesia.  look at a few of the images.  Then Google Samora Machel, Zimbabwe.   Look at those pics. The difference is that is the same street after twenty two years of a progressive “democratic socialist” welfare state.  And it’s happening here now.  White Flight is real and it ain’t exclusively White.  It might better be named “Worthwhile Flight”as it seems anyone productive is trying to move out to rural areas.  I’ve seen it first hand.  What this blog will address is how folks that have left urban areas (fled if the word so suits you) can organize and equip to  survive whatever is on the horizon.


About Treaded

Semi-retired career and contract troop. I own and maintain my own small ranch out here in beautiful rural America.
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