The fantasy of “Modern Militia” and the III%

I’ve seen a lot over the years.  More than I really care for.  But what leaves me amazed is the folks in the “Patriot Movement”, the “III%”, and the Militia Movement that believe they will make some grandiose stand ala Lexington Green to face down the evil and corruption we are confronted with.  It makes for good fiction and film but is it feasible?

In two words – fuck no.  Those fine folks clad in multicam with their ARs, AKs, and other assorted Tchotchkes and gee-gaws assembled as the bastions for liberty are going to find one thing at that future Lexington Green – their wholesale slaughter.  And when it happens the “revolution” is going to be televised all right – only it will be portrayed by the MSM as “separatists” “sovereign citizens” “right-wing radicals” “racists” and god knows what else.  Large unit tactics of any kind are an easy invitation to easily clean up for unca screwya.   “But how, why?” Well here’s your answer:

1.  TPTB already have a monopoly on appreciable force.  Note I say appreciable.  Automatic weapons, air power, armored vehicles, advanced sensors, shit it goes on and on.  What does Joe Bagodonuts modern Minuteman have?  An AR, maybe with some lower end night vision, and possibly a few items he’s been saving as a trick or two.  Stand and deliver?  Hell stand and die.

2.  You probably won’t get the chance to mass to begin with.  You think TPTB don’t know who the majority of folks that are a credible threat to their kleptocracy are?  Get real.  Unless you operate solely in meatpsace and have absolute OPSEC they know ya buddy.  And when things get hairy they’ll come with a warrant for “insert offense here” and you’ll be on your way.  Nevermind they don’t have a real reason.  They’ll get a judge to sign off on holding you indefinitely (and yes it happens and is happening now).

3.  TPTB have been working – and working hard- for the last decade or so fighting a real insurgency on two fronts.  In space they cannot dominate in the manner in which they can dominate it here in our good ol’ USA.  Those lessons learned have not been lost on them.  Quite the contrary they have been transferred to LEOs and Federal Agencies as they have uparmed.  Hell local SWAT teams now practice fast roping out of UH60s nowadays.

So what the fuck can we do?  A lot.

1.  Quit reading and practicing Army small unit tactics straight out of the FMs.  You are not going to fight airland-battle, you’re not going to win at the Battalion or Company level fight, and if you get away with a platoon I’ll be damn proud (and quite frankly amazed) of you.  How do you beat a superior force?  Look at who has done it.  The Muj, the IRA, Hadji (and if that offends you fuck off), The Vietcong, and most of our special ops guys.  Small unit guerrilla actions will win.  So drop FM7-8 and start reading and practicing tactics you’ll find in tomes like the Green Book and anything else you can get your hands on that deals with small (and I mean four guys small).  Mosebys blog is an excellent source of info tied up into one package.

2.  Learn your AO.  Master it.  I spend a couple of hours every Sunday just driving down the same old dirt roads I grew up riding my old Honda dirtbike on.  They change and if you haven’t seen them this season you can bet things are different.  Get every map of your AO and study it.  Make notes, plan primary, alternate, and tertiary routes to and from where ever you have to go.

3.  Be realistic about your preps and plans.  I’m amazed guys will go out and spend a couple of thousand dollars on the latest piston driven rifle when they have something perfectly capable to operate in their terrain.  Do you really need a .338 Lapua bolty rifle if you live in woods where the longest shot is going to be around 200 meters?  Would that cheaper (especially when it comes to feeding it) 30-06 or .308 do just as good at a fraction of the cost?  I’ll cover more about firearms later on.  Same thing with food.  10,000 MREs to feed you and yours is admirable but frankly I’ve eaten nothing but MREs for four months and brother let me tell ya – after that long the thought of eating becomes kind of repulsive.   Food is another topic for later on.  Plan for the defense of your ranch/house/farm (that’s an entire entry unto itself for latter).

4.  Network.  Know your neighbors – especially if you live out in the boonies.  I recently found out a young man less than two miles down the road from me is a kid that spent four years in the Corps.  And he has an AR.  Shame on me for not knowing sooner.  Establish your local comms.  Be very careful about whom you hug up to locally.  Smaller towns and rural areas are gossip mines and all it takes is for the local SO to hear you have “An arsenal of dozens of assault rifles” for them to come pay you a visit.

5.  Stay away from sideshows.  I mean guys that blog about their hate for someone else in the movement, or those hawking patches, pins, stickers, etc..  A damn patch ain’t going to make you bulletproof.  That bumper sticker is not my idea of OPSEC.  And you don’t think TPTB have folks watching these rallies?  That T-shirt is a sign that says “credible threat” to them.  The sideshow folks have their heads so far up their own agendas that they’ll be lost on P-Day.  Don’t get involved in the politics because not a damn one of those sideshow freaks will come and cover your flanks when SHTF.

6.  Embrace the combat triad.  No matter how old you are.  Samuel Whittemore at 80 years old killed three Redcoats crossing his farm and despite being bayoneted, shot, and beaten almost to death recovered and lived another 18 years.   Don’t believe nor think you are too old or you will be.

Above all else plan for the worst.  Defending your farm from racist mutant zombie ninja bikers?  Or the untroops?  Have a plan, asses your risks, and develop countermeasures.


About Treaded

Semi-retired career and contract troop. I own and maintain my own small ranch out here in beautiful rural America.
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50 Responses to The fantasy of “Modern Militia” and the III%

  1. Dan says:

    Nice write-up. I think the key is going to be “turning” most of the military or at least having them refuse any orders to fire on or disarm citizens that are still operating in a legal capacity per the constitution. An example of this would be the “Oathkeepers”. I see it like Egypt, but with a people that have the means to not just be ruled by another divisive group not of their choosing. Just wanted to add the possibility of that, along with the fact that if the SHTF, most police and military would return home to protect and help their own families, if it really got that bad…

    Oh, and incase you really didn’t know who said the quote at the top of your page, it was Bill Orielly.

    Thanks again,

    • Treaded says:

      Dan you’re pretty much right. The problem is not just that flat though. What if troops are told that they are relocating citizens for their own safety and the law (as most states have it written now) and SOP require they not go armed – but they still have to go? Or if the troops are fired upon first by one crackpot? The next time they go respond to an order to move or disarm they’ll be a helluva lot more eager to shoot – been there done that. I believe you are right about LEOs and NG. Both LA and Katrina bears that out. I really believe that when all is said and done rural communities are going to be left to fend for themselves because any remaining powers that be are going to concentrate on urban centers – even the DHS and FEMA doctrine focuses on such. That’s kind of what I’m heading this blog into is an examination of TTPs that’ll help. I’m not going to get cake vs. pie crazy here.

      THX for the O’Reilly bit. I didn’t know it was Bill.

      • aREALpatriot says:

        What a total d-bag. Tell Americans they are hopeless just sit around for FEMA camps right? You a f’ing moron couldn’t even read all of this is was so pathetic. Do yourself a favor, move to Cuba. And yeah, you really think that much of our military would break their oath and start dropping bombs on Americans? Your entire article was founded and that dumbass idea alone. Like I said, you are a douchebag. Revel in it.

        Treaded edit: Takes real balls to fling insults with no real argument. Do yourself a favor: Grow up, change your manpon, take a pamprin, and STFU until you have a real logical point of view you can articulate.

      • aREALpatriot says:

        What a total d-bag. Tell Americans they are hopeless – just sit around for FEMA camps right? You are an f’ing moron, I couldn’t even read all of this eye-filth. Do yourself a favor, move to Cuba. And yeah, you really think that much of our military would break their oath and start dropping bombs on Americans? Your entire article was founded on* that dumbass idea -alone-. Do you really sit there and think that the military will go around killing their own family and friends and countrymen? Yeah, I’m sure there will be some, but not to the degree of which you speak. There are over 300 million weapons in circulation (that are known about) in America, with that kind of fire power in the hands of the citizens, why do you think they are trying to round up our guns now?

        Grow some balls and “Approve” this post so others can see too.

  2. lcrurik says:

    I take th approach of a historian. Experience shoqqws that whoever first sheds blood is likely to alienate many potential allies; I offer Waco (the initial repulse) and Oklahoma City as examples Also The Russian Revolution. During a demonstration in Petrograd in February 1917, garrison troops fired on the unarmed demonstrators causing serious casualties, but that night they went vack to the barrcks and resolved not to fire again on their own people. Within a week the Tsar had joined the ranks of the unemployed. I expect something analogous in our evolving situation.
    I aalso have spent time studying the memoirs of the Soviet dissidents, men like Solzhenitsyn, Andrei Amalrik, and others. Resistance is not only kinetic, but even more important, mental and spiritual. We must prepare to resist and non-cooperate even if, especially when, taken captive. A smile may mask a spine of steel.
    And agitprop (aka teaching, or propaganda) is not to be neglected. Prepare the LEO & NG, even the Regulares to have doubts and to rally. This is a good niche for some of us who may be approaching an age and condition where we could be a tactical liability bus till ave a lifetime’s experience to pass along. It is not “The propaganda of the deed” but “The deed of propaganda”.
    The Alamo is not a place, it is a state of mind. And be resolvedd that there will be losses.
    And now I intend to shut back up and resume learnig from you.

    • Treaded says:

      Thanks for the excellent historical analysis. Solzhenitsyn was entirely correct when he stated “A state of war only serves as an excuse for domestic tyranny.” And with the absence of those wars looming in the near future dictate TPTB must generate another boogeyman – given this administrations penchant for not wanting to insult anyone outside of the US or any ethnic group what better group than the predominantly Caucasian “Patriot Movement”. That tactic worked for the Clinton administration and their mastery of the majority of the media is one of the reasons a lot of folks will give you that cock-eyed look at the mere mention of the word “Militia”. Pretty soon the titles “Patriot” and “Constitutionalists” will be viewed in the same light. All courtesy of the DoJ selectively feeding the media.
      I’m in agreement with the majority of the Patriot movement and I’ve even heard credible reporters and politicians agree – something is inevitable. If it is those hardy souls in the Patriot Movement taking their stand first I’m convinced this administration will gleefully conduct the wholesale slaughter of them with a smile as they hold a press conference about the “Right Wing Radical Kooks that the valiant DHS and other agency officers defeated in an attempt to overthrow the government”. All sans the .mil and NG.
      HOWEVER – if they stand to defend their fellow citizens against the throes of a race war, civil collapse, zombie apocalypse, etc.. they will be seen as heroes. The difference is that the people will see it firsthand and not courtesy of the thirty second soundbite.
      As you stated I believe it all boils down to the conditions. There is still too much disunity and egos in the whole Patriot Movement. It’s going to take a Rubicon to galvanize them, and not a Rubicon of their own doing. Americans react incredibly to events against them. Events caused by them? Not so much.

  3. Steve Dunn says:

    I just found your website and really like it and the info you provide. Now, I’m going to show my ignorance here, but what is the “Green Book” you referred to?

  4. Francis Marion says:

    Excellent points you made.. I spent two tours in the Anbar fighting Hadjii.. I couldn’t agree more with your assessment of the situation.. any time the enemy made himself known to us in any number greater than a mere handful, he got his ass handed to him. However, If he attacked in two’s or three’s, (possibly 4 or 5 if you consider their spotters) he was able to throw down his AK or RPG and pick up a garden tool and blend in with the surrounding population and therefore get away to fight another day..

  5. Rich kerr says:

    Your assesment of tactical training is spot on. But, you should still read the military manuals so you can avoid the operations they teach. I’ve always said “read the manual; then toss it in the round file” and do the opposite. Never let the opposition choose the place and time to fight, you choose the place and time when it’s in your favor. Do not “stand and fight to the death”; you will get your ass handed to you in a bloody bucket. It’s better to run away and live to fight another day. You dictate the battle ground and means to carry out your mission. Oh yeah, don’t advertise what you are, stay under the “radar”, this is most important.

  6. Zach Mealer says:

    I think you’re being a little hard on militia movements, but you’re right -it’s like painting a target on your house. I’m really not that afraid of the government, though I am more than aware of the threat they pose. I don’t think grandstanding with guns is the best thing to do right now, but we have to stand-up for ourselves or nobody else will.

  7. Rob says:

    Lexington Green wasn’t something that we should try to emulate anyway. From what I’ve read, the only shots fired were headed our way.

    • Varian Wrynn says:

      @Rob – you are correct. Lexington green was pretty much a massacre. Concord was a rebellion, and Miriam’s Point was a revolution. All three happened April 19, 1775.

    • Lexington was a great delaying tactic, slow the Brits down and give time for the Militia to assemble…

    • Warren Johnson says:

      The biggest success of Lexington and Concord is agreeably NOT the green. It was the stone lined road on which the British retreated to Boston. Had it not been for a large body of reinforcements from the British that surrounded the last remaining group of Redcoats for about 45 minutes so they could recover enough to run some more, they would have died as their peers; running down a road surrounded by militia picking them off with flintlocks one at a time.

  8. I have been saying this same thing for 6years… TPTB get a bunch of gun toting 2nd Amendment people together for a “rally” someone fires a “shot heard round the world” and no one will know or remember who fired 1st, but it will be a blood bath, the DHS/FBI will investigate who done it, and we all know what they will say, it will give TPTB the “cause” they want/need to claim the high moral ground and the martial law & gun bans they seek…

  9. Tom Riordan says:

    I feel like my eyes have just been opened. Brilliant! Though I feel ill prepared and uneducated now.

  10. Gary says:

    Best plan, know how to go off the grid, and learn your area as stated. The harder you make it for them to know and understand you, makes you more dangerous to them. Lessons learned in all our wars. The US always fights the next war like the last war. So, new stratagies are a plus. Any thing new and unexpected is key. But I’m a firm believer in small tactics and guerrilla warfare in the face of superior odds. Speaking up, showing up for rallies, and of course FB is the worst. You show up, you are now part of the grid, they will have a photo of you, and dig deep into your history to get to know you, and those that are around you. End point, stay low key, and know how to go off the grid. No cell phones, ID’s, No bank cards, credit cards. Those things have security cards in them to know where you shop, time of day you shop, and so forth. safety deposit box is good, as a safe at home. Build up cash for use in EMERGENCIES ONLY. 22 rifle for food is best. Cheap ammo and not as loud. I perfer rolling hills, as stated above you may get a 200 meter shot off, but know that area and how to move to use draws as blocking areas. Only fight when your boxed in, if there is a easy way out, take it. If you need better weapons, then rely on those you trust most to ambush small patrols. If successful you’ll get updated weapons, maps, and some intel. If you score a weapon, you can always get ammo off of the dead. use captured uniforms, that any stains can be hidden to infiltrate areas. This is a great risk, but if you act like everyone else you could score some meals and ammo. When soldiers are in their “down time” they take this as a safe area and down time means f*** off time. In and out. To sum it up, dodge it, live throught it, and you won’t need to pick sides, because you are self sufficient and off the grid.

  11. 58bushido says:

    This kind of defeatist writing goes against those ready to fight and die if needed to perserve this nation and the constitution. Pay no attention, form your groups, make your plans, store what you need and be ready to protect yourself, your community and your constitution against all enemies foriegn and domestic. Live Free Or Die. United We Stand Divided We Fall!

    • Treaded says:

      Alright then let’s hear your plan. I’m all ears.

    • TM says:

      I agree.

    • texastwin827 says:

      58bushido….Quite the contrary…this advice is much the same tactics that the local militia and the Continental Army used, during the American Revolution. Where, in our history, did our Army march in formation like the British did? Never. They made swift attacks, from cover, then retreated…and they lived to fight another day. It’s great to be willing to die for your country….just be smart about it.

      As for who will fight…as was pointed out, by the story of the 80 yr old, during the Rev War, there are many Vietnam vets (and their families) who share the concern for this country and they will fight as well as many of our younger veterans, including probably many who are active duty, right now. 80 yr olds were not the only ones to fight…my family has two who fought at age 12, one of whom went on to be a Brig. Genl. so age is not a major factor when one is trying to defend their country.

      • rammerjammer says:

        “Where, in our history, did our Army march in formation like the British did? Never.”

        You sir know nothing of the American Revolution. America won its revolution through the use of some of those guerilla tactics mentioned. But obviously you have never heard of battles such as Saratoga, Breeds Hill, the Chesapeake, Yorktown etc. Americans very much adopted the tactics of the British and didn’t run around fighting like your second grade teacher taught you. Only with the aid of the French nation and people like Baron von Steubenville who taught Americans European tactics were they able to defeat the British.

        If there is ever a domestic tyranny here in America the best way for city slickers to fight back is to adopt tactics like the French Resistance and I hate to say it but insurgent tactics like those used in Iraq and Afghanistan.

        Anyone who wants a standup fight with the US Military is walking into a bloodbath.

        And don’t ever believe that the military won’t turn on its own people. “Patriots” aka soldiers across the globe have historically turned on their people at the urging of their masters. Its happened before, it will happen again.

  12. Rob says:

    Here’s how it will happen. When the federal government goes to arrest non-complient Sheriffs, some will be honored by the citizens of the counties they are sworn to protect standing on their front lawns and something bad will go down where the citizens will be massacred. I only hope I can stand up for my Sheriff, who is there to serve my rights.

  13. TM says:

    Pretty sure what we need right now is hope, tenacity, resilience and fight as well as wise information. That’s not denial; that is how the human spirit operates. I liked most of your points, and great information any thoughtful citizen should consider, but the tone doesn’t inspire, it laces the message in defeat. Good information to consider, but perhaps food for thought on future posts.

  14. 2nd amendment says:

    Just so you know who do you think makes the tanks, auto weapons all that good shit the US military has. We do just normal Americans. So don’t try to bull shit me we have the ability to get the same weapons and everything else. Second do you really think that after all the shit these politicians have said about our vets are unstable and dont deserve to practice there 2A rights that our vets will not be on our side. Just use what little brain cells you have left and think about that.

  15. SickandTired says:

    Between you and me, I had a dream that around my neighborhood this morning I saw a whole lot of Ammonium Nitrate, and a number of tankfuls of Diesel fuel. I also saw some fellas on the street holding the work for food signs that said they had some surplus munition type stuff from their tours o duty or something like that. These Vets are pissed off that they received a letter stating that Obama has already taken away their 2nd Amendment Rights without due process, because some bureaucrat said so.
    I was in the library with my Grandson the other day and was reading that it was amazing how long a guy can survive out in the wild country on virtually nothing, while coming in and out of civilization for minimal contact. It reminded me of that Eric Rudolph fellow. I believe he blew some people up using some explosive materials. Something about Abortion Clinics. Law Enforcement even tried to blame it on some poor Security Guard named Richard Jewell. Incompetent Bastards.
    Just earlier on here I saw a post about the Green River Killer Gary Ridgway. Can you believe he got a Plea Agreement of no Death Penalty? This after admitting to killing at LEAST 48 Women, and more likely upwards of 100 by various forms of Strangulation! Hell he didn’t even use any of The President’s Hated Firearms, and was able to kill upwards of 100 Mothers, Sisters, Daughters, Aunts, Nieces, Cousins, and Friends! Our Government Officials want us all to believe we will be safe and sound if we just sacrifice our Sacred Second Amendment to Our Constitution! And give up our Firearms. How Nauseating.

    • atthehop says:

      Just remember that if you do Hide out in the so called wild country, no modern Technology, no cells, no phone calls, no internet, nothing that traces back to you, cause they will find you!

  16. Thepeacefulone says:

    I agree with 58 Bushido. You are admitting to defeat before the fight has even started. People need to stand up and let them know that we are not going to back down. There are good laws and nullifications happening cause some people still have the guts to stand up and be heard. I agree that people who stand up and speak out loud are drawing attention to themselves and it is a gamble.

  17. Bill fredrickson says:

    It would not be a face to face war! It would be gorilla tactics! They would live on your block,
    Follow you find out your beliefs, which you have made clear here. Then take you out! One mouthy liberal at a time! And if you don’t think the majority of the military would not support the patriots you are sadly mistaken!!!

  18. Chris Whiteowl says:

    What is the Green Book?

  19. Valhallastar says:

    I find this blog to be somewhat illuminating and am in agreement with much of what has been said. Even here the matrix is on us and I would prefer to be using Tor networking. A unified militia is a hard thing to accomplish without digital networking. yet, in doing so it is fraught with disaster and many attempting to do so will end up in the boxcars. Get your people, get your resources, establish your territory and get offline and stay off. Small groups, good cover and rapid skirmishes if viable and productive. Resources of food, water, medicines (notably: antibiotics) are far more beneficial than armament pound for pound. Extended disassociation is to your advantage.

  20. I suspect that the Generals and Politicians have already figured out that, except for rare occasions, anything much larger than a squad is going to be a huge problem. Fourth generation warfare has been and is being talked about and practiced by military and police forces for at least a decade. Swat teams are used more a more and for things like closing down milk producers and capturing baby deer. Practice makes perfect.

  21. Diamondback says:

    Our fight is NOT against our military or LEOs really. We should not “go after” them.

    All we have to do is kill approx. 300 select people, and we can change history. Maybe less.

    I’m a big fan of the book, “Unintended Consequences” by John Ross and the tactics etc. expressed therein

    Hang one… inform many (or, if you prefer, shoot/stab/behead, etc.).

    IF we woke up to headlines one am that a dozen key progressive traitors were mysteriously missing, what effect might that have on their “colleagues”?

    I agree that trying to fight a “conventional” war against TPTB would be foolish and futile.

    I keep thinking how well the illiterate “militias” in Iraq and Afghanistan have done against our military might. Best I can determine, they’ve been diminished but NOT defeated.

    I can’t help but believe our veterans are much better trained and armed.

    But we have to fight smart.

    Imagine 500,000 “hit” teams of 4-6 persons roaming the country in search of specific individuals known to have violated their oaths of fidelity to our Constitution.

    Then, there’s this: Even if we all wait in our homes for TPTB to arrive and confiscate our weapons, food and survival supplies, IF each of us only kills one of them, they will run out of people way before we do. And that includes counting ALL current military, law enforcement personnel at the federal and state levels.

    How many will be willing to go out and face the wrath of the citizenry after the first couple of days of staggering losses? How many will decide it’s better to just go home and tend to the welfare of their own families?

    There’s certainly lots to think about and many preparations to make.

  22. GM says:

    That Hitler freed his people and transformed Germany into a booming empire and economic powerhouse, is perhaps the most closely guarded secret of modern times, and no doubt a big reason for many of the lies told about him in the mainstream and alternative media alike.

    How he accomplished this is simple: he dismantled the Jewish banking system and issued debt-free currency. He kicked the Jews out of the media and every other position of power-Media, education, government, banking.

    International Jewry could not afford to let Hitler teach the world that the secret to building a free and prosperous nation is to get rid of the parasitic J e ws, so, in their eyes, Germany had to be destroyed, and any memory of this man’s heroic deeds needed to be ruthlessly suppressed for all time.

    • Wow. I guess you think it’s okay how Hitler murdered millions of people to right? I mean they were nothing but joooos. It’s folks like you that make me sick. I consider myself part of the 3%. Your type will be the enemies of the 3% just as the statists are.

    • Treaded says:

      1. Hitler is no model in any way, shape or form for any kind of reforms. He not only kicked the Jews out of everything once he was finished with that he then proceeded to slaughter them wholesale. His actions have nothing to do with freedom or prosperity and everything to do with tyranny and genocide.
      2. If you idolize Hitler as “heroic” you probably need to go troll elsewhere. IMHO white supremacists are lower on my give a shit scale than six months in the sandbox without a shower smegma.

      • Ed Sumner says:

        I wasn’t going to comment at all, just read and learn, but I’m about to piss my pants laughing at Treaded’s last barb. Welcome to the face of the ‘militia’ movement. A bunch of white supremacists who hate whatever isn’t lily white. I’m with Treaded, Mosby, Max Velocity and their tactics and info. I’d rather fight next to a black man who has common sense than some idiot like GM. I’m keeping my mouth shut, my head down and my eyes open. I’m no kid anymore, but I’m not an old man either. The older we get, the wiser we get (usually). And if we want to keep on getting older, we had best BE wise.

  23. dan says:

    A roadblock or on your own property will be the first step you take to defend yourself or family….or not…..Semper Fi

  24. A lot of useful ideas here. The idea, as General Patton said, is not to die for your country, but to make the other guy die for his. Replace “country” with “government,” and the same idea applies.

    Let me put in a shameless plug for my book, RESISTANCE TO TYRANNY. It’s a primer on how to conduct an armed revolt. Available from Amazon. Check the reviews there. They say it better than I can.

  25. steve hart says:

    For you younger readers out there you should research the writings of Ragnar Benson. In the 80’s, when I first awoke to the idea of resistance, Ragnar was writing on various subjects close to this topic. He wrote a piece about staying put in the event of trouble and becoming urban guerrillas. The miltary/LEO groups don’t have enough combined manpower to secure even a small city let alone a state of any size. Fear and intimidation will be their biggest weapons. Keep a smile on you face and a knife in your hand.

  26. Anon_SD says:

    How long will it take before they refuse to leave their secure compounds?
    How long will it take before they refuse to leave their families?
    The 500 meter solution will open their eyes to the reality of a guerilla war.
    The CSI’s and FBI Crime Lab won’t do them much good.
    The NSA and its affiliates can be spoofed mercilessly, by your 8 year olds with their cell phones and iPads.

  27. CMDR JAMES says:

    The author hasnt a clue what hes talking about. Not only is he wrong about what the III% represents, but his answer to them is taken right out of their playbook. No one with credibility in the movement is planning to or training to murder their brothers and sisters, sons and daughters in the armed forces. Many of the III% were and are military. Most know far more than this pissant claiming to know the III%. No body with credibility is planning to make a “last stand in some grandiose fashion” Some of us have seen the horrors of war, and want no part of it. That, would be absolute last resort, and in defense of life only. Please sir, dont speak to or for the III%, you dont know or understand us.

    Sgt1 CJ James, US Army 75 RR 3BN Bravo
    Cmdr. James-State Commander-Alabama III%

    CARRY ON, and keep your powder dry.

    • Treaded says:

      Carl when this piece was written I had just come back from working with some Militia folks from Louisiana and Mississippi. And their plan is to mass up and conduct company + sized ops and that’s what they trained. And for the record there were quite a few III%’ers (at least self proclaimed among them).

      What years were you in 3/75?

  28. Martin says:

    Keep your head down, and a pistol under your coat. Spread arms and information. If an ATF or DHS footsoldier should happen to disappear while using the head, all the better.

    Let them spin their wheels trying to take James Rawles compound while my “Bike Shop” makes sure every white-and-blue-collar tract residential house in my AO has an AR and knows the score.

    More than anything, spread out your abilities and your knowledge as broadly as possible. Make everyone you know just a little more aware, a little more awake, and a little more prepared. We don’t need one bastion that’s “un-takeable”, we just need to increase the difficulty of taking ANY area by a very very small percent. A redwood with a 40′ trunk can be felled in a day by one man. a grove of a thousand wrist-thick saplings would defy that man for a lifetime.

  29. ExNuke says:

    Why get in a stand up fight with the military? They are not the problem. A large number of appointed / hired bureaucrats, elected megalomaniacs and their “Constitutional Lawyers” (90% of their studies devoted to how to get around the Constitution) are the source of the discontent in the US. Less than 0.1% of the population is 99% of the problems with the Government and it isn’t all in Washington.

  30. mosaicwolf says:

    I certainly agree with ABSOLUTE OPSEC requirement. The problem is many country folk don’t have a clue what that really means except a camouflaged tree stand during deer season. That is where few retired and/or experienced UW Brothers have begun a select close hold training program for a small group that has the potential for development into a training cadre. We keep it very low key in my rural county. It is a slow process but we are building a dedicated infrastructure with all the components of UW when and if the time becomes right. The support of the local Sheriff to enhance his security plans and requirements is essential in my opinion. We also have an excellent clandestine commo system that we practice regularly. Nope….no cell phones here. They don’t work in most of my area anyway. Food? Barter happens here on a routine basis. We trade in a way that is great eating and at the same time developing a trained and knowledgeable auxiliary.

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