Building Skills = Building the Tribe: A Sidebar.

There’s good days and bad.   Sometimes the good days surprise you.  Today was one of those days.   This afternoon I had it setup to go shoot with young LCpl from down the road.  I threw together some target frames this week out of scrap lumber and had some cardboard cutouts stapled to them ready to head down to our little local shooting spot.  World of wonders he shows up with another one of our neighbors.   So our merry little band rolls out and on the way another of our neighbors is checking his mail.  A quick invite and our numbers are now up to four.

Now there’s a point I want to make right off.  I had my AR and one of my Norc SKSs.  LCpl had his WASR.  The other two gents were armed with a Marlin 30-30 levergun and a couple of pistols (one of which was a hi-point – seriously most rural people look at a cheap pistol as good enough – not the way most of us do).  Pretty quickly it boiled down to the LCpl and I giving BRM at about 25m.  Now these other two guys had never served a day in the military, never had any formal firearms training outside of high school classroom hunters ed and some teachin’ from Pappy.  But within a short time we moved em out to about a 100 meters (by my pace count anyway) and had these two guys hitting 3 to 4 MOA consistently with the SKS and that levergun using irons.  That fucking Marlin is crazy accurate and I have a new found respect for leverguns.  They were tickled shitless.  No preaching, no pressure, no lecturing.  Two guys that had never really done any kind of substantial shooting outside of hunting and usually with scoped levers or bolts.  It gets better.

We switched to pistols and quickly it was pretty apparent that this was going to be some effort.  By concentrating on the basics I had Mr. Hi-Point hitting  doubletaps on two targets in under 4 seconds (from a fucking Hi-Point).   This from a guy that has NEVER run any kind of drill or done anything more than one handed shooting at bottles about 10 yards out.   The other gent did pretty well and was quiet pleased with himself.  Downside – they burned through all of their pistol ammo.  I have promised to cover it next time out.   And I will come with twice what we used as a sign of good faith.

So what’s the point – how many rounds did you get to shoot?  Truth be told less than a mag through my AR and about five rounds through my SKS.  I spent more time teaching and fine tuning.    We also burned through about a hundred rounds of 5.56 and probably a hundred through the SKS and WASR – pretty much all out of all out of my stash.  I htink we may have put a box of 30-30 downrange.  Was it worth it?

Absolutely amigo.  We now have two shooters who want to keep getting together and working these neat “tricks”(BRM as a trick?) they now know and working those “Drills”.   Wonder what they’ll think of El Presidente or the Iron Cross?  But more importantly The tribe doubled in less than an afternoon and one of them is going to invite a couple more after church this Sunday.   I reinforced something I already knew and and it’s something I’m going to keep hammering.  The newest gear, the latest weapon, the neatest gee-gaw ain’t a priority.  That 30-30 was absolutely Rifleman accurate for our terrain.  So rather than running out and buying an AR my advice to the guy was get some spare parts, stock ammo, and keep honing his skills with what he has.  We’ll keep working marksmanship and ease into other topics over time but for now we’re twice as good as we were before.  A small investment and I’m damn sure richer for it.

Building your neighbors skills=building the tribe.




About Treaded

Semi-retired career and contract troop. I own and maintain my own small ranch out here in beautiful rural America.
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