Viewer Mail: Special Edition

Wow – the Counter-UAV entry generated a lot of email, a lot of views, and seemed to stimulate a lot of creative thinking.  For those that sent compliments on the entry thanks!  One email caught my attention.  Lemme share part of it with you:

“Don’t you think it’s irresponsible to post information like this on the internet?  The threat of information like this to law enforcement SUAS (Treaded Note – it’s an acronym for Small Unmanned Aerial Systems) efforts adds to the current difficulty facing departments already coping with policy hurdles and regulations. Please be assured that no Law Enforcement Agency would ever use these systems in an irresponsible manner.  Please remove your article” – Signed LEO in Texas

I replied to that email and haven’t heard back from them.  I’ll paraphrase what my response was:

“The intent of my blog is to educate rural area residents of how to prepare and defend themselves if there’s a societal collapse and the absence of law existed.  As I frequently state I don’t advocate lawlessness and surely not any actions against law enforcement.  HOWEVER at the same time I recognize that the use of these systems against citizens Fourth Amendment Rights without warrant is  easily exploited by irresponsible parties and without exception every large police department in the United States has recorded cases of abuses.  So to think that the technology won’t be abused is naive.  The very actions that governmental departments will conduct using these systems would be chargeable under stalking laws if a civilian conducted such surveillance.  The blog entry shall remain posted”.  – Treaded

Well it appears that the populace is a threat to these toys.  At this point I wanna throw a challenge out for some enterprising soul (sorry but I just don’t have the time).  Another way to beat this threat that I didn’t cover in my entry because it wasn’t really relevant is to “Reagan them”  Turn it into an arms race.  There’s an empty niche right now that someone could seriously fill if they would develop a collaborative community of new and creative ways to counter these things.   Don’t go all illegal but develop measures and counter measures to defeat drones.  IMHO a group think environment coming up with new and creative solutions could outpace and outgun those labs full of engineers through good old fashioned collaborative effort.  Anyone up to it?


About Treaded

Semi-retired career and contract troop. I own and maintain my own small ranch out here in beautiful rural America.
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9 Responses to Viewer Mail: Special Edition

  1. rolf says:

    Bravo! Well done LF!

    • Treaded says:

      I will hand it to the guy that wrote that – he was very courteous and professional about it. But my stance is unchanged. Military hardware of any nature doesn’t need to be in the LEO arsenal.

  2. Shrugger says:

    I’m all for high hurdles and regulations on LEOs. It should be very, very hard for them to use these things to monitor our activities.

    • Treaded says:

      IMHO they shouldn’t be allowed to fly them without a warrant and then not allowed to retain any kind of data not specified in the warrant. In Kyllo v. US the SCOTUS determined that “A Fourth Amendment search does not occur—even when the explicitly protected location of a house is concerned—unless the individual manifested a subjective expectation of privacy in the object of the challenged search, and society is willing to recognize that expectation as reasonable.” Most folks would expect a reasonable amount of privacy in their own backyard.

  3. Hognutz says:

    Those LEO will do whatever the old paycheck says to do….They will have to feed their families, and will stomp on you so that they might survive.

  4. Historian says:

    a 3 foot diameter wheel spinning at say 3600 rpm can be used to discharge steel ball bearings at a rate of one per revolution, or 60 per second, at a speed of 600 fps. Double the rotation, double the speed. A hand cranked 6′ version of this was used to propel lead balls several hundred yards and penetrate oak boards at that distance in the mid 19th century, IIRC. The way it works is that there is a tube running from the hub to the rim of the wheel, with an aperture at the rim. when the ball bearing in the tube arrives at the aperture, the ball flies out tangent to the rim. Simple, cheap, quick and effective.

    A cloud of 3/8″ steel ball bearings arriving at a drone at about 1000 fps would seem to have the capability to do said device no good at all….. Effective anti missile device, too.

    Another thought was akin to WW2 window- shoot a skyrocket up in the air with a payload of thin strips of aluminum foil. any drone hitting that would have trouble maintaining stability, and the foil that wasn’t hit would create a radar barrier for any follow-on devices.

  5. chester smith says:

    How about some sort .of ball bearing thrower ? Sort of the ‘Patriot missile’ defense, but on a smaller scale ? (The Patriot missle defense was to launch a dozen or so missles at an incoming target and count on one of them to hit.) Send a big handful of ball bearings into its path or directly at it. Just one idea- many will contribute, but many heads are better than one.
    Also, to counteract the infrared license-plate scanners that they have mounted on some cop cars, which scan ALL license plates that pass by, or that they pass, and store them in a large database, catalogueing where and when each plate was at a given time, I have seen 12V infrared lights on fleebay which could be shone across the license plate to blind the scanner.

  6. chester smith says:

    Oops, had not seen previous post.

  7. sofa says:

    re: window – how about many many strands of monofilament fishing line, slowly falling across uav’s path?

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