A Little Shout Out & A Mini AAR

Let me get some pimping out of the way first.  Someone pointed a Podcast out to me a few weeks ago and I’ve been listening to it while riding the tractor over the last week or so.  It’s The Shrugging Out Podcast and if your goal is to become self sufficient or you’re concerned about a SHTF scenario then it’s well worth the listen. I shrugged out not too long ago and a lot of the information presented is very relevant to my situation.  IMHO if you’re tuned into what I’m presenting here you’ll like it.

I am a bit flattered that Shrugger (the podcaster) mentioned this blog in his cast.  Thanks for the mention and you helped me out – I’ll try to lean up a bit on the acronyms!

Now for a mini Tribe Building After Action review (AAR).  After visiting the local cemetery this morning and placing flags a few of us got together at what we’ve come to call “Range 1” aka the gravelpit just down the road.  A little grilling happened and a lot of fish stories were told but surprisingly what I showed a few of the guys last month when we went shooting has been retained.  And one of the neighbors showed up with his new rifle – a WASR10.  So to step things up I slapped a ten dollar bill and a six pack on the hood of the truck and had them run an abbreviated (3 target) version of Viking’s zig-zag drill with the most hits winning provided they had to move at least at a good trot.

Now if it’s one thing I know it’s that country boys like three things – good beer, good money, and bragging rights (down here we call it “Shit talking privileges”).  You should have seen the competition and more importantly the fun they had.  There’s some more significant things to realize out of this little informal run and gun.  A couple of more neighbors showed up, people have retained their skills (some admitted to having been out practicing), and the number of “tactical” rifles went up by one.  And given the interest in that WASR and my AR I have no doubt that number is going to increase.   I’ve upped the ante next time out with a $20 and a case.

About Treaded

Semi-retired career and contract troop. I own and maintain my own small ranch out here in beautiful rural America.
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3 Responses to A Little Shout Out & A Mini AAR

  1. Shrugger says:

    Treaded, many thanks for the crossref to my podcast, and for your great new blog. Outstanding stuff, very valuable!

  2. Badger says:

    Like that alot; nothing wrong with having fun doing important stuff. Awhile back when I was consulted RE steel to outfit a new rec range I told them to get a couple of 1ft self-resetting poppers and place them down at the 200m line. All are welcome; there is nothing like getting someone to knuckle down after watching someone with a WASR nail that from a variety of field positions. (Full disclosure: I hand selected that gun & it’s a bit of an E Bloc Heinz-57 but it runs like a Rolex.) I want the guy with his M4 and ACOG to come back and smoke me.

    Well done on building the retention, proof that some can do AND teach. 😉

  3. crusher says:

    Shrugger steered me your way and I like what I am seeing. Bookmark moved to the top of my list for prepping. Shrugging Out Podcast is my must-listen-to addiction. We will be escaping the Logic Free Zone within 12 months, heading to our 72 acre retreat out in the hills.


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