Motivator: A Little Dose Of Reality For The Naysayers

My entry citing Fresno and VDH’s article created a quick rut of emails.  In about two and a half hours I got close to twenty emails with the majority of them being “It’ll never happen in my AO”, “My crime rate is negligible”, “I’m not worried about it Obama/Romney/Insert Name here won’t let it get that bad”.  Well Amigos if you think like that it’s time you woke up (hell you should have woken up about ten years ago).  I’m going to give you some figures and links to back it up.  Use it to wake folks up or ball it up and trash it.  I’m not going to sugarcoat it but instead I’ll try and break it down for ya in  simple, easy to understand language and numbers.  FACT: As the economy tanks crime rates rise.  It’s historically proven.  As cities unemployment rates go up so does crime.  Violent crime.  Fresno crime.  Read it – VDH ain’t making it up.  As the economy tanks crime is going to go up.  And when the USS Freeshitarmy hits that Iceberg all hell is going to break loose.

Here’s a reality:  The economy IS going to crash.  I say again:  The economy IS going to crash.  Why? Because the government has been out of control since the days of Hamilton.  When you have “unca sugar” pushing more and more people to get on the government teat (USDA Pushes to Increase numbers on food stamps), More people on disability (8,733,461) than the populations of 39 individual states,  and hell even government benefits accounted for a total of 17.6% of ALL income in the US in 2009 .  And those numbers damn sure haven’t gotten better since then.  8% in 1969 to almost 18% in 2009 (I’m afraid to even calculate it now) and climbing exponentially.  And rather than curb it the government is encouraging it.  Under the present form of Obamacare One-Fifth of the nation will be on Medicare.   And they hand out “gold stars” for increased spending.

Why?  Having played government for a while here’s the deal:  Agencies have budgets – i.e. the FDA has a budget for food stamps.  And if they expend that budget and need more they get more money to cover it (Through things like Emergency spending bills, Unfunded Requests, etc.).  And next year they get their budget adjusted based on how much they spent the year before.  If they fail to spend their budget then they will face a reduction the following year.  And it applies to ALL of the government agencies.  Spend more=get more, spend less=get less.  And every big and little frog in the pond wants his lillypad bigger at every level.  From the office manager at the local USDA office in Bugtussle to the Department of Homeland Security in DC no one wants their budget decreased so they spend all of it and try to get more to justify a larger budget next year.  Egomania run amok.

What we have in Washington is an “artificial oligarchy” (a self made monarchy – above the law that governs the rest of us) that is running a “kleptocracy” (a form of government that habitually steals from the people).  It has neither the will not the inclination to cut the free-shit-army off.  That’s it’s source of power.  And to impact that source of power you’d have to take the free shit away  from their vote farms.  Here’s some critical numbers for you:

  • US Population as of the last census: 311.5 Million
  • Number of people in the civilian workforce: 141.6 Million adjusted (154.4 Million -12.7 million unemployed)
  • Number of federal employees 4.4 million (incl. Military) per OPM.
  • Number of people receiving government assistance as of Jan 2012: 67.3 Million

Less than half the population employed that contribute significantly.  Now before you crow “FOUL! – THE MILITARY AND CIVIL SERVICE AND SOME SOCIAL SECURITY PEOPLE PAYS TAXES!!!!” yep, they do.  However their tax base is nowhere near their pay and benefits cost.  The vast bulk of that falls on the private sector.  That 141.6 Million.  Less than half of the population.  Paying the salaries, benefits, and social programs to cover 71.7 Million ( assistance) people.  Think about that.  141.6 million paying for roughly 71.7 million +.  That’s before things like cowboy poetry festivals, F-35s, grants to study the drinking habits of Chinese hookers in Beijing, neat little immigration tricks (that allow access to federal and state benefits like Medicare),  etc.  Bottom line:  We’re screwed, blued, and tattooed.  Fixing it just ain’t possible at this point. Smarter men than I say so. Even George freaking Soros has taken actions over the last year to minimize his liabilities.

Do you see it?  Lemme explain it in simple terms using hypothetical numbers.  The Jones family income is $1000 a month.  All of their bills and liabilities add up to $1200 a month.  So every month they take a cash advance of $200 on a credit card.  Now they’ve been told they are going to have to take a pay cut to $800 a month.  But their liabilities are still $1200.  So now they are taking $400 cash advances and it goes on and on.  But they finally hit their credit limit and they have to call the bank to get it raised to keep meeting their liabilities. Instead of doing something responsible like decreasing their bills and liabilities (get rid of the cable and Iphone?) they continue to drive themselves further into debt.  Where does it end?  Bankruptcy.  This is what the government is doing.  And do you know what they do it with?  Dollars.  Reality time.  What backs that dollar?  Gold?  Nope.  Our currency is called a “Fiat” currency.  It’s value is based on the government’s ability to levy taxes on the population.  And here’s the kicker amigo – those folks that are unemployed ain’t paying taxes – they ain’t got jack to tax.  Those federal workers taxes don’t cover their salaries and benefits.  Those 67.3 million on government assistance are paying less in taxes than they receive if they pay any at all.   And when the  pay cut comes (unemployment rises and we have less taxpayers) and that bank (in this case Congress) fails or refuses to raise that credit limit (the debt ceiling) and the free shit army of millions doesn’t get the money on their EBT, Social Security, Retirement, etc. all hell will break loose.   So will they ever fail to raise the credit limit?  Probably not – responsible economic actions aren’t in the congressional language.  But each time they raise that debt ceiling or play the quantitative easing game (flooding financial institutions with fiat capital) we risk hyperinflation.  $500 loaf of bread anyone?  It’s not a calculated risk – it’s a pure gamble with the house odds against us.  And Vegas never looses at the table baby.

So what can you do?  Folks read Ann Barnhart.  She is much more eloquent than I am at explaining it and a little old fashioned religion ain’t going to hurt ya.  But my advice is to you is get the hell out of the city,  Screw the 401K, stocks, and skip precious metals. You can’t eat gold.  If you hand me a gold bar wanting to trade for a rifle after shit collapses I’ll laugh at ya.  There’s nowhere I’ll be able to trade that in and what would I get if I did?  Worthless fiat money probably.  I might trade ya for a meat goat but no gold bars.  Invest now in land, build your homestead or buy one, buy firearms and ammo, livestock, start a garden,  stock food, and become as self sufficient NOW as you can. Build tribe and brace for impact.   As CA says “Alea iacta est” – The die is cast and at this point it ain’t being changed.

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Semi-retired career and contract troop. I own and maintain my own small ranch out here in beautiful rural America.
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5 Responses to Motivator: A Little Dose Of Reality For The Naysayers

  1. Shrugger says:

    Keep dosing out the reality, Treaded, we need it.

  2. Reblogged this on The Grey Enigma and commented:
    Cogent, well stated and frightening. GE.

  3. Liberty Valance says:

    Separate the wheat from the chaff.

  4. brocktownsend says:

    I think that you should have some 90% silver dimes as well as B, B & B. Of interest is that even on April 30th ’75, piasters were still being taken as payment though at a huge discount. Just goes to show you that people will believe, until their very last hope is gone.

  5. Drew says:

    Dimes, quarters, halfs….and 22 long rifle. Did you know that 6 bricks (loose) fit in a 30 caliber ammo can? Only 5 in a British model, but that’s not the point.

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