Motivator: Looting of Spanish Farms? Hell it’s already here.

H/T to Freeze Gopher for putting this in my view via  a comment on the Spanish farm looting entry.  I’ve been saying for a while that the cities are in decay – the larger the city the faster the rate of decay and the worse it is.  VDHs article is well worth the read to illustrate the level of depravity the free-shit-army is willing to sink to.  Although the population of Fresno county is “officially” just under a million there’s probably another quarter million illegal immigrants living there which make Latinos pretty close to the majority.  Now don’t get me wrong here – hell my pinche’ ass married a Hispanic woman.  But when you have roughly 1 million people living in an county with 150 people per square mile (again based on the “official” population so in reality it’s probably closer to 200 per)  suffering a 16.4% unemployment rate coupled with a large illegal population you’re going to have a pretty high crime level.  Fresno is among the worst in the nation.  It’s well above both the state and national average and despite declining violent crime (or so the DoJ tells us) Fresno’s violent crime has risen – roughly 16.3% per year.   Geographically, economically, and even superficially Fresno is like a lot of other counties in the US.  And that’s what’s alarming.

The first passage of VDHs article is below.  And the entire article is a good vision of what the rest of the nation is in store for once 51% find out they can be card carrying members of the free shit army.

“I am starting to feel as if I am living in a Vandal state, perhaps on the frontier near Carthage around AD 530, or in a beleaguered Rome in 455. Here are some updates from the rural area surrounding my farm, taken from about a 30-mile radius. In this take, I am not so much interested in chronicling the flotsam and jetsam as in fathoming whether there is some ideology that drives it.”

The rest of the article is Here.

Fresno – coming to a county near you.  Tempis Fugit my friends.


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6 Responses to Motivator: Looting of Spanish Farms? Hell it’s already here.

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  2. Money quote:

    The scores of Highway Patrol cars that now dot our freeways are looking for the middle class — the minor, income-producing infractions of the generally law-abiding — inasmuch as in comparison the felonies of the underclass are lose–lose propositions.

  3. Another Dan III, from Boston says:

    Time to start killing them.

    • Great idea!

      Look how well that’s worked out for Jorge Zimmerman!


      We had problems with people dumping trash on my road. One scumbag even dumped his jerkoff device, homo-porno mags, and some assorted trash – one bit of which had his name and address on it.

      A quick internet search, and I find he’s married. cool. I put it all in a box, knocked on her door (“I have a package for Mrs. Jones?!”) and… Problem solved!

      Others have been less skeevy, but equally problematic. I simply find their address from whatever trash is in the bag and dump it in THEIR yard – along with some stuff I needed to get rid of anyway… Rotten chicken works particularly well to express my appreciation for the free dumping-ground they’ve provided.

      I – ONE TIME – believe I caught the SOB in the act. He had stopped and opened his door to get out but I came around the corner so he stopped. I stopped, rolled down my window and asked “Are you OK?” – he allowed as how he was, but just stopped to make a phone-call. I told him to have a nice day, and – doing my best “columbo” impression – let him know that I’d recorded his lic. number and should any of that trash “accidentally” fall off his truck, my one neighbor the Sheriff and the other the DNR cop would be even more upset than I was. He actually thanked me for the tip!

      All that aside, I agree that we’re living in a civiization in decline – but I think we may be the first people in history to actually INVITE the invaders, and provide them with food, clothing, shelter, medical care, entertainment and luxuries all stolen from actual working citizens.

      We’re going to have to fight back.

      I’m not proud of this fact, but when I first saw the folks pushing this meme, I dismissed them as “supremacists.” I’ve now come to understand that they’re RIGHT – and only seeking the survival of their race, just as anyone of ANY race has a right to do.

      “Anti-racism” has become a “code” for “anti-WHITE.”
      If it’s “Africa for Africans” and “Asia for Asians” — why is it “Europe for EVERYBODY!?”

      If we’re all supposed to be worried about “Indigenous populations”, then why are “indigenous EUROPEANS” not worth worrying about?

      Why is it that – when every city in our Republic is experiencing problems with mobs of black youths assaulting white people – simply acknowledging the problem makes the speaker “racist”, but not the “youths” doing the beating?

      How long before shootings of these mutts by would-be-victims become common – and the “vandals” begin holding Sanford-style marches all over?

      How many of us have to be George Zimmerman before they get tired of being Trayvon “No_Limit_Nigga” Martin?

      God help us – and GOD SAVE OUR REPUBLIC!!

  4. B Woodman says:

    Who sez that after the shooting, you have to stick around for the po-po (and all the subsequent grief that comes with it)?

  5. Timbo says:

    Don’t know how many more Trayvon’s there have to be but I doubt anyone is going to f$#k with Zimmerman again!

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