Not Dead – Although I’m Tired Enough To Be

First up I apologize for the lack of updates.  The drought is really hitting us hard and I managed to luck into a good deal on hay so I’ve been spending the last few days driving four hours one way, loading the trailer up, driving four hours back, and unloading it.   I should have the next entry finished up and ready by the end of the weekend.

In the meantime take a moment to read a piece Victor Davis Hanson wrote titled There Is No California.  I constantly wonder (and one day I’ll get offa my ass and email him asking why) Hanson continues to stay on the left coast.  Anyway his article points out a lot of what is wrong with California and when you think about it most likely America.  I kind of gauged his statements against my own area and state and sure enough the symptoms are there.  Maybe Hanson’s piece should be titled “Why there is no United States” like Mike states (H/T to a reader sending me the link on Sipsey).  Read through Hanson’s article and ponder the situation in your county and state.  Think it’s not headed that way?



About Treaded

Semi-retired career and contract troop. I own and maintain my own small ranch out here in beautiful rural America.
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10 Responses to Not Dead – Although I’m Tired Enough To Be

  1. Archer Garrett says:

    Before the housing crash, an old man told me, “the west coast is just in a different time zone; it’s 2 years ahead of us. What’s happening there will happen here, it’s just not time yet.”

    I tend to dislike old people because they’re usually right.

  2. Aesop says:

    VDH stays here because a) he’s a tenured faculty member at Stanford University and b) his family has owned Central CA ranchland for 4 generations, back when high-speed travel here was by steam locomotive.
    And because not everyone hereabouts turns tail and runs the minute things aren’t all peachy. The word for those who do is “Frenchman”.
    And why wouldn’t the same fate await the rest of the country? Far more than by natives like VD, the idiocies foisted upon us were voted into being by some of the toothless banjo-playing kinfolk of the fine folks in the Other 49. What goes around comes around.
    And when socialism crashes and burns here just as it always does, those of us in occupied territory who didn’t puss out and flee will step up to restore this state to what it ought to have been all along.
    -Best regards,

    • Treaded says:

      Actually those idiocies were foisted upon you and facilitated by the fine folks in your state not the other 49. We’re still free to own what is commonly referred to as “free state rifles” with all the accoutrements, non emission crippled vehicles, and our state parks are still open.
      You need to wake up. In post SHTF California unless you have brown skin, speak spanish, and fly the mythical flag of azatlan you’re going to be a huge target. A fact VDH has so eloquently already stated in his articles.

      • Jet says:

        Some of us stay because to leave would forfeit our parental custody. That a good enough reason?

        Free rifles shoot just as accurately as the ones with no pistol grips and previously owned 30 round mags are legal… I don’t cry too hard about losing a bayonet lug and flash hider.

        Living in a county with 30% veterans or active duty in 3 million people, San Diego has a good shot at standing up on its own two feet.

        We just need to quietly read your high quality articles and those of so keep them coming!

      • Aesop says:

        With all due respect, do a wiki search on Barbara Boxer’s native state. Then multiply that by 15 million. I’ll take responsibility for our native idiots, if the blame for the other is also laid where it belongs. I’ll wager Brittney Spears was born a lot closer to your house than to mine.
        BTW, I have all the accoutrements on my rifle you can have – other than a full auto selector – it’s the greater than 10 round magazines that gave the libtard legislature apoplexy here. We’re hard at work on getting that thrown out in court too.
        Our state parks are still open. It seems they “found” where the state had been squirreling away $30Mil or so in hidden accounts, and claiming they “needed” to raise taxes. (Democrats lying?? I’m shocked! Shocked I say!)
        In post SHTF California, I’ll be the one watching the Aztlanistas flee back south looking for food and ducking lead. They can only thrive in a state where the powers that be subsidize their existence and overlook their criminal enteprise. When Big Daddy’s wallet comes up empty, the restraints that keep decent folks from helping them find the exit will disappear, and then the party’s over for the narcocartels’ little cousins. It’ll be open season and no bag limit.
        We may even keep going, annex Baja, sublet it to Donald Trump, build resort hotels from TJ to La Paz, and put Vegas, Atlantic City, and the French Riviera out of business. And put a few million Mexicans to work for decent wages to boot.
        Maybe if you’re available then, you could start teaching them how to take the rest of their own country back? Heaven knows they could use the expertise.

    • Treaded says:

      Alright guys we’re not going to have a flame war here. No more comments will be accepted on this topic.

  3. Dov says:

    Driving four hours for hay! I pay $2.50 per bale; got offered it cheaper but I only drive 5 minutes to my hay and it is the best around, so I don’t fall for the cheap stuff. I can buy decent hay for $ 1.50 per bale, and have it for free if I cut , rake, and bale it myself. If you get sick of that stuff, move to northern Maine and you won’t have such difficulties. Of course we have other difficulties.

    • Treaded says:

      Last year I got five cuttings which is above average. This year I got one until things dried out. I got lucky finding these big rounds for less than half the market price so even with the gas I’m doing OK. Maine? Too damn cold in the winter. I can’t imagine having to heat the barn and tractor.

      • Rich T says:

        Last year I didn’t get any hay. This year we have already gotten 2 cutting and a 3rd in 3 weeks. I have someone bale it for $2.15/small sq. bale.

        Hay at the feed stores/TSC is still around $12/bale for small square.

        Crazy shit when you see folks getting up to 10 bales at a time.

      • Dov says:

        Here in Maine only one cutting of hay, and it has to last 7 months through the winter. We use draft horses to move the round bales in the winter as they are the only thing with enough traction in the snow.

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