On Colonels, Sergeants, and Privates


A lot of folks think that I had died, fallen off a cliff, or been stampeded.  Thanks for all of your concern and if I didn’t answer your email I’m sorry – the internet connections where I was at sucked big time.  I have actually been overseas for the last few weeks on a short term contract and despite dealing with the typical DoD and DoS bullshit I had a pretty good time and made some shiny change to boot.

The defense piece will pickup again next week but I want to relay something I encountered while abroad and the feeling is still fresh in my gut.  Being an old troop one of the things I revel in is spending time with young troops just shooting the breeze.  During this trip I got to spend some quality time with a lot of troops from various different types of units.  And what I heard was both encouraging and alarming in a positive way at the same time.  Yeah I heard the normal bitching, whining, moaning, and complaining that troops do but there was a deeper theme.  Almost to the man when it came around to politics I hear one common theme: “Fuck the president”.  From a private this wouldn’t be alarming but folks I had a Colonel say that to me.  A full chicken war college grad made that statement in a semi public environment.  That’s serious – a senior leader publicly slamming the commander in chief.  And no I will not identify him so you DoD fucks don’t even bother asking.

The bottom line is almost every Soldier, Sailor, Airman, and god blessed Marine I spoke with pretty much hates Obama.  From the Rules of Engagement (RoE) that ties their hands and causes a helluva lot more casualties nowadays to the lack of real leadership and genuine concern at the cabinet level the theme is the same – they feel shit on.  Guys I talked with a Master Sergeant that has had one extraordinary career and is lined up to go to the Sergeants Major Academy and is being fast tracked to Command Sergeant Major (CSM) flat out state he’s retiring as soon as he gets back because he’s tired and isn’t willing to lead under (and I’m quoting as well as my memory serves) ” this chickenshit spineless policies of this circus clown administration”.

You know what else I saw?  A metric fuckload of Gadsen, OathKeeper, and Molon Labe patches and stickers.   There’s been talk lately stateside about how the growing numbers of folks have turned libertarian and started prepping for when TSHTF.  And the military folks I ran into ain’t no different – they’re turned on to the fact something bad is coming and they ain’t planning on sticking around for it.

Take it for what it is but remember that these kids (and not so young kids) are getting just as much if not more of the shitty end of the stick as the rest of us.   They’re fed up and tired of an administration that has become not only aggravating but lethal to them.

About Treaded

Semi-retired career and contract troop. I own and maintain my own small ranch out here in beautiful rural America.
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50 Responses to On Colonels, Sergeants, and Privates

  1. Bill says:

    Good to have you back. Nice to know that some of them are on our side.

    • Arizona says:

      Years ago a friend who was a colonel ,was telling me about martial law plans of the DOD,he said they would bring foreign troops,dress them in us military gear,and when the shooting started they not only would start it,but the american people would not be able to tell the difference and would open fire on anyone wearing a US MILITARY uniform,WELL the foreign troops are here and there dressed in us military uniforms,HE also told me all US MILITARY troops in foreign countries would be abondoned to prevent there help in america durning a foreign invasion of america,everything he said has happened so far,he has been 100% correct……OUR LORD yahushua is warning get ready its coming soon………………….

  2. DAN III says:

    Been looking for your latest. Good to read your comments re: troop hatred for the unconstitutional soetoro-obama.

    I’m a retired USA senior non-com and I’m fed up with this illegal administration.

    Bless you,

    “There Are Enemies Amongst Us”

    • Arizona says:

      dan its worse then americans know ,I was told there’s over 3,000,000 foreign troops here,there in every branch of government,from the fire dept.local police,forest service,state police, military,town councils,state government,federal government,and there all just waiting for orders to ATTACK…..it will be a blood bath…………………OH,they were brought HERE BY DHS,……………………TRAITORS………………………

      • Treaded says:

        Zonie – don’t believe everything you see and hear on Alex Jones. I’m still pretty plugged into the DoD and there aren’t 3 million troops here, FFS DHS has trouble finding it’s own ass with both hands when it comes to anything really coordinated above and beyond parading it’s toys in public. You give the federal government way too much credit.

  3. Fenris says:

    Glad to have you back stateside.
    Had been waiting on another excellent primer, and here you are with recollections of those that will not forget our oath.

  4. Aesop says:

    Glad you’re safe and sound.

    As for the extradordinary level of hate & discontent, I share only 2 thoughts:
    1) For every one you heard say it, 10 times as many think it.
    2) Historically, colonels and corporals lead coups and revolutions.


  5. Rich T says:

    Glad you made it home w/o any xtra ventilation.

  6. Idahobob says:

    Glad you are back, safe.

    Also glad to see the comments from the troops.

    Hope that they make it back stateside before TSHTF.


  7. Carl says:

    Very heartening to hear about our troops. It really gives me hope. And I’m glad you are back safe and sound. I’ve been checking the site daily and was a little concerned for you. Welcome Home!

  8. K@CSG says:

    Glad to hear you are still kicking. Much of the contract world has been getting shaken up lately…make that coin while you can brother…

  9. An encouraging piece, thanks and posted.

  10. riverrider says:

    i don’t know whether to cheer or cry. cheer that the troops are not blind automatons goosestepping to the machine music, or cry for what my troops have been going thru and the decent from discipline that entails. my once great undefeatable army now in a shambles of its previous self. how long will it take to regroup,rebuild, the professional force that i left behind(not by choice)? so much blood wasted, for what? with any luck, this will end soon. i’m at least gladdened to know my troops will not likely turn their weapons on me for defending my country and my constitution. sic semper tyrannis. msg riverrider, retired.

  11. Dan says:

    Encouraging to hear that the chocolate jeebus hasn’t fooled the rank and file.
    I have the privilege of caring for some of the boys as they rotate through the
    USMC Mountain Warfare Training Center if they get injured or sick. A finer
    group of young men will not be found on this planet.

  12. REBEL YELL! says:

    Glad you’re back in Country, whole & healthy!…I’ve been seriously concerned as to how many Troops are actually aware of B.O., (da stink’a uh D.C.),’s perverse travesties. I spent 40 yrs. in the Service of others, (FIELD Missionary), and so, (to some degree), I appreciate a soldier’s sacrifices and duty bound life. (BTW — THANK YOU!) Please keep your input coming! We “ignorant” FNG’s NEED your expert council and guidance! Be sure to encourage the “boots” that there are FAR MORE “civies” that support them, than not! And, we’re looking forward to their return…SOONER than LATER! We’re DEFINITELY gonna NEED their help!

  13. Badger says:

    “A metric fuckload of…” That’s a not insignificant number and Big Sis’ worst nightmare. Works for me. They’re all welcome; despots make mistakes when they’re scared shitless. That’s a force multiplier. A situation worth developing.

  14. Teresa Sue says:

    I saw you had a post up and I’ve been trying to get over here for day to see what you had going on. See, I wasn’t the only one wantin’ to know if you were still here. 😉
    Good post, and hopefully our troops (and you)s won’t be over there when it all goes to hell in a handbasket.

    • Treaded says:

      Trust me sis, that’s the last one. I’m getting a bit too old for voluntarily subjecting myself to marathon plane rides, sleeping on concrete floors, and dealing with little tin plated bureaucrat-dictators with bruised egos. The troops? None of them believe that 2014 baloney.

      • Teresa Sue says:

        I have a brother who was over in the Gulf War with the Marines, he still does private contract stuff, He says the same thing. I just don’t want any of ours caught over there and not able to get home. I’m glad you’ll be staying on your patch of US soil. Now, I have to work on little brother, 😉

      • Walker says:

        I feel you on that one, but still trying to ” stay the course”. Accidentally ran into your post today…… Enjoyed it

  15. rolf says:

    Well…now this IS good news…
    And welcome back!

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  17. Planowarrior says:

    Great AAR. I dont forsee any major public military actions until the day before the election to attempt to boost his numbers. The day after, Barry (Obama) will be eager to decrease Tricare benefits, decrease the points attainable by Reservists, and impede the 2nd ammendment.

  18. John Cooper says:

    Excellent news, Treaded, I’m happy to hear it. We’re going to need all those guys when the festivities start. I change my opinion, and I hope you’re right about all of it.

  19. Jeff B. says:

    Great read. Glad your back and able to report such positive news.


  20. sootsme says:

    Again, GIs, Thank You!, and with this, even more so! And as a prior poster mentioned, many of us civilians indeed have your backs. Eagerly awaiting all your safe returns. I just wish you were coming back to a better scenario than what Obozo and Bernanke and their buds are serving…

  21. ray bertschy says:

    Thanks to all the Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Marines for keeping the faith under the most difficult of circumstances. We (the people) appreciate and applaud your dedication and wish you God’s Speed in returning home.

  22. JustARandomGuy says:

    If what you mention in this article is as wide spread as it sounds, that would thoroughly explain why TPTB are so desperate to use any excuse possible to part returning vets from their firearms.

  23. adparare says:

    Reblogged this on Ad Parare and commented:
    As a Army rat myself…..well put, well said. The feeling that something is going to happen is pervasive in the ranks, I can attest to your comments. It doesn’t take a PHD to figure that out

  24. Linda says:

    I loved reading this post and all the replys… I am a born and raised American woman, with no military background other than what I have been told by friends that have served.. Mostly folks from Nam forward till now, and guys like you all…
    One thing that worries the heck out of me, is IF the SHTF here in this country, I think the boys over seas, will not be allowed to come home… With the mind set of this administration and the clear HATE this Pres. has for the military, I am really afraid they will be abandoned over there, without re-supply, and left to be slaughtered by the ememies in what ever country they happen to be in at the time…
    Maybe, one of you can explain to me why our young people, male and female keep joining to support a Pres. that THINKS YOU are HIS Military, to do HIS bidding, and not the country and constitution as a whole… Is it because its the only jobs available in this economy?
    If I said anything here that sound stupid, or offends any of you, please forgive me, as I am speaking from a point of lack of knowledge, but I do have these concerns and questions, ansd I think from the sound of the Man that authored this article and some of the responses, that answers may be found here…
    With deep respect for all of you, no matter where on the planet you are,
    Linda in Idaho

    • Treaded says:

      Linda you ask why do they support him? Simple – self absorption. The majority (not all but the majority) of young people have pretty much always been more concerned with what is “cool, trendy, or popular”. Sure the terms and notions change over the decades but in reality the majority of young people just want to be identified with what they consider as the popular crowd. And guess what? Our and preceding and subsequent generations have enabled them to be that way by handing them whatever they want. No failing in school, awards for showing up, pats on the back with an “it’s OK” haven’t equipped them for life in the real world so they resort to what they believe will continue to enable their expectations. Sure there are exceptions but by and large that’s what you’re going to find.

      • Linda says:

        I agree with you about the young people being believers in entitlement and frankly not worth much (God help us)… But what I was meaning Is WHY do young people keep enlisting, when it is clear, and supported clearly by this Pres. with what happened in Bengazi, that he could care less about the military, their needs and after action care… He is making it very clear they are to him, less than human and cannon fodder… Frankly it Pizzez me off royally… He (the Pres, and his close support) should, at a minimum be tried for second degree murder on that one thing alone, BENGAZI!! A lot more besides with his Licence to kill that he granted himself, circumventing the congress and using that stinking ink pen to do it… I’m sorry Tread, if I had a young person that was making noises about joining the military I think I would take a baseball bat and try to thump some sense into them… I at one time was a strong believer in young men going into the service.. If they lived through it they came out men, no longer tied to mamas apron strings… Now I see them for the most part being totally abused, 7 or more rotations, good lord no wonder they are mentally injured… Sent on walking tours around a town in Afganastan, with no point, no objective, just sitting ducks! oh oh there I go again… Well, I suppose I have said enough, I am so tired of seeing pictures ever since Nam, of our young people coming home in flag draped coffins, or so physucally damaged it takes years for them to adjust and learn to cope… AND those fat cats that think they have the right because the are Pres. that year after year get the best and the stongest of ours killed or otherwise damaged… Most of those OLD men have never been in harms way, the worst they have experience is a paper cut on a finger… Yes I am angry, this isn’t going to get better, as long as those narcissistic, megalomaniac, sociopaths, are allowed to start one conflict after another! And for what? Their own egrandizement, or at the behest of corporations that want to rape a country of its resourses, guard poppy fields, or in THIS Pres. case, because he is a Muslim and gets off on seeing our infadel sons and daughter die”? Why else is he having some notorious muslim terrorists running in and out of the WH as his honored guests, as well as the ones he has working in all levels of the Gov. power structure… Also, sending millions to Alqueda the ones that were supposed to have perpetrated 911!… I want our young people here, not
        serving in a private army for profit, for a cabal of old maniacs…

      • Linda says:

        Thank you tread,
        I never thought of those issues… Now I see a little clearer…

    • Nam Marine says:

      Linda, this was probably the most intelligent reply from a civilian that I have ever read!
      You are a very knowledgeable woman!….SEMPER FI !

      • Linda says:

        Nam Marine,,,
        You may change you mind if you read my reply to Tread… Anyway,, HUGS to all of you from and old civilian woman, that listens a lot, and not to main stream media…

  25. Elegy says:

    I’m not sure how I stumbled upon this site, but I’m glad I did. Your piece is right on. I fortunately ETS’d a couple months after Barry was sworn in. Actually him being elected was my primary reason for why I got out, haven’t regretted it since. I’m working over in Afghan right now as well and the way the military thinks about Obama is 180 degrees different than when I was in. Not sure if it’s because I’m working with more mature Soldiers and Marines or if this guy opened their eyes. But, back in ’08/’09 the guy was cool, he hung around with Jay Z, talked ghetto in certain arenas, and admitted he smoked weed and snorted coke. Now, I honestly have not spoken to anybody over here, other than a few black men, civie or military that does not despise this man. I just wish the politicians in Class A’s sitting in the Pentagon felt the same way.

    • Nam Marine says:

      Unfortunately, the higher ups are worried about their own jobs just like the coward Congress critters!

  26. Mark says:

    The truth is……This has been in the works for a very long time. Immediately following Desert Storm, the entire system changed, the SQT test was eliminated, The ARTEP training exercises became a farce, the evaluation system became tainted with incompetence, the Army adopted the “Stress Card” in basic training which produced weak soldiers that were trained to accept the idea that when the going got tough, they could just pull out a card and stop the shooting……IT DIDN’T WORK! Shortly after coming back from the middle east I was reprimanded on one occasion by a full bird for “Overtraining” my soldiers because it was very hot and two soldiers complained that they were hot and I was also training out of the SAS Survival Guide which is thought of as taboo for not being US Doctrine. There were many other events that showed me the path that the military was on was very bad and was essentially setting up soldiers to die and I wanted no part of it so I left at seventeen years with no retirement because I happened to see what was transpiring and I didn’t want any part of what was coming on my conscience.

  27. ColtM4 says:

    I’m sure glad to hear of this, we will need all the help we can get……God Bless and God Bless our military.

  28. Bill Rind says:

    well, people we have entered the area of our government totally on the wrong side of any issue now, they are for the enemies of the U.S. and that would leave them open to civilian trials when the SHTF, when it happens may god have mercy on the communist souls and that includes all people in government and the state department that have worked so hard to destroy our nation, your day is coming, and those fema camps that were made for us, are the camps we will be putting you into, its coming, its better for you to leave the U.S. now, don t wait.

  29. Nam Marine says:

    AMEN BROTHER ! It’s a damn shame the Service is NOT what it used to be! The time for a coup
    is almost gone. Someone needs to do something right away!

  30. Nam Marine says:

    Please find a way to get our Troops home NOW! Before it’s too late!

  31. Treaded says:

    Nesting comments being limited suck. Anyway Linda – the reasons young people join haven’t changed a whole lot. Sure after 9/11 there was the surge of patriotism but honestly most of those didn’t stay around after one deployment. Why? Several reasons. Opportunity because the economy sucks. For college money without the burden of a huge student loan debt. Tradition, because former generations served and they feel it’s expected. Same thing with skills training – get paid and housed while learning something you can use in civilian life. Because friends join and talk them into it, etc. etc.
    Why do they stay? A lot of them stay for the security. I’ve seen troops who have disabled kids that would be crushed under medical bills in the civilian world stay for that reason alone. Additional opportunities as well factor into it. I’ve seen guys re-enlist for nothing more than an overseas tour. Some stay for promotions, school, etc.
    The service changes in cycles Nam Marine. It sucked under Carter, was great under Reagan and G.H. Bush, sucked as bad as anything can suck under Clinton, and despite two wars under G.W. Bush was an institution that had reformed itself and was a great place to be. Now? Well my entry illustrates the current state of affairs. Why does the military change for the worse? Honestly because Democrat regimes (I won’t dignify them with the word administration) use the military as social playgrounds to enforce their progressive will. They took porn out of the PX, raised the military drinking age to 21, trashed military healthcare not once but twice, shoved fuzzy rabbit hugging sunshine and lollipop progressive touchy-feely training down troops throats while openly advocating such things as “transgender servicemembers”. And despite all of that the institutions have still fought at most levels to remain true to their roots.

  32. Kathy says:

    Those troops will never get home. The intent is to let them run out of ammo and then the locals will destroy them. They also have received slow kill anthrax vaccines. A lot are dead because of it. It causes massive blood clotting and they just drop dead. Isn’t that murder?

    • Treaded says:

      Kathy if that’s the case then I should be fucking dead. I’ve taken Anthrax vaccinations and booster for the last twenty plus years. Nevermind it’s the same stuff veterinarians take in a lot of cattle heavy regions in the US.

  33. highflight56433 says:

    The difference between American Soldiers and politicians is we Soldiers are diligent, faithful, honorable, courageous, and committed to our ethical values. Voters have set the stage and the consequences will follow. Americans will defend our constituion and bill of rights. The others will perish into the history books as fools. Did my six in USAF 1970 – 76.

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