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Thanksgiving Thoughts

I haven’t had a lot of free time to do much of anything but this afternoon I finally managed to sit down and get some work done.  Look for the next entry as soon as I finish getting my list … Continue reading

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So WTF happens Now?

OK, election madness behind us and the powers that be “status quo” has been maintained.  And of course as usual the markets dropped like led zeppelins this morning (with the exception of S&W and Ruger – god bless the industry). … Continue reading

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My Predictions For The El/Rection – Cynicism

  Here’s my dos pesos and tequila soaked prediction:  No clear winner right away, lots of lawyers, Chris Matthews has some form of stroke (one can hope), followed by the obligatory reverend Al and Jesse with their racebaiting screed.  Meanwhile … Continue reading

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Defense: Obstacles Part XII: Starting to Set It All Up

OK, back to the grind.  I’ve managed to catch up on the work around here after my little overseas soiree  and it’s time to start finishing this puppy off.  Sometime either later this year or early next year the entire … Continue reading

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