So WTF happens Now?

OK, election madness behind us and the powers that be “status quo” has been maintained.  And of course as usual the markets dropped like led zeppelins this morning (with the exception of S&W and Ruger – god bless the industry). Thankfully we’re being spared the legion of leeches/lawyers and Al and Jessee’s screed at least for now – maybe too much tequila addled my brain with my predictions, dunno.  So what happens now?

Smart Common Sense money is on ramping up your preparations whatever they may be.  In the previous entry I wrote about the speed of that boot coming down on our faces – welp folks I’ll bet the farm it’s going to be coming  a helluva lot faster now.  Obama had already publicly stated he wants another “Assault weapons” ban  (AWB) and even snuck in a mention of pistols in the process.  I hate the idea of panic buying but honestly NOW is the time to get what you need (BTW, the anticipated huge increase in demand is why S&W and Ruger’s stocks aren’t tanking with the rest of the market).  I lived through the original AWB and watched the value of my cheapass Polytech AK go through the roof.  Is shit expensive now?  Yeah.  And it’s going to get worse down the road.  Just sit down and look across the board at what you need.  Then compare it to not only the political climate but the demand that climate is going to drive.  It’s just good old basic supply and demand and although the progressives (that’s commie in our old 80s language) have no clue on how to leverage it their actions are damn sure going to impact it.  Firearms, ammo, generators, fuel, etc.  Get it now while it’s not hyper-inflated due to an insane demand.

If you read some of the economic blogs and sites (Zerohedge is a good one) they are all pointing to the “fiscal cliff” we’re going to encounter on 1 January.  When the fed socializes all of those underwater mortgages we can kiss our collective economic asses goodbye.  Sure it’ll keep the savages happy for a while but guess what – somehow somewhere those actions have to be paid for.  We’re heading into what I like to call “The Zimbabwe economic model”.  Do you have any idea how many Zim dollars it takes to buy a loaf of bread?  Got a wheelbarrow or small truck?  The first of January is less than 2 months away as of the publish date of this entry.  Yesterday was the day for you to get offa yer ass, get yer shit together, and be working your plan.  If you haven’t then you’ve got to work a helluva lot harder because as so many state time is not on our side.


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Semi-retired career and contract troop. I own and maintain my own small ranch out here in beautiful rural America.
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10 Responses to So WTF happens Now?

  1. Ag047 says:

    I agree. Now is the time to add to all pm’s and preps. We also need to keep trying to educate the cats who don’t have a clue. Last night sucked. Things will be moving along faster now. We all need to tighten up now.

  2. robroysimmons says:

    An example, at Cheaper Than Dirt the 1000 rd box of Lake City 5.56 increased $25 since I ordered a box 3 weeks ago. I can only imagine the AR supply chain is running red hot today.

  3. Sanders says:

    I hadn’t planned on dropping 6-7 bills to finish the AR stripped receiver I picked up last week. But I ordered all the critical parts this morning. Better to have a working firearm than a pile of parts.

  4. Treaded says:

    Smart- WRSA is running a piece about frankenstein prepping a new AWB as we write this.

  5. Teresa Sue says:

    Agreed. It’s time to focus.

  6. Teresa Sue says:

    Reblogged this on Traditions & Skills of Every Day Life and commented:
    Focus, focus, focus!

  7. To punctuate the Zim reference, Zimbabwe printed a $100,000,000 bill. I did the currecny conversion a few months back. It was worth $83. The image above is factual. Zim dollars had/have so little value that it’s literally cheaper to wipe your ass with zim money than it is to but a roll of toilet paper. The money is literally not worth the paper it’s printed on. Pehaps one day Zim money will have more value here than in Zimbabwe.

  8. Yoda says:

    Kudos Lizard Farmer:
    Emboldened by his reelection our closet Muslim communist Obamanation will continue the economic grave yard spiral. Massive layoffs,, colossal taxes, third world healthcare,gpvernment gun grabbing, de facto amnesty for illegals, on and on and on.
    Right on Lizard Farmer – WRITE ON!
    Be aware and prepare/
    “Yoda’s Little Known Tactics To Avoid Being A Target/”

  9. rogerunited says:

    I know you got a life and all, but I’m dying for some more homestead defense!

    • Treaded says:

      I did a quick azimuth check and I’m not happy with the last entry so I’m working up a sort of “expansion” to it. Gimmee a few days – I have some ‘yotes I have to clean out first.

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