Real Work and Slapfighting in Happyland

Old Fat Broken Down Man in a tutu - a real drama queen.

Recently I’ve been asked more than once about my position on the III Citadel that some folks are setting up and what I thought about it.  I was also pointed to some of the surrounding drama that’s taken place of late.  Here’s my take:

I hope like hell the III Citadel concept grows and flourishes.

Pretty simple, huh?  Why?  Because the concept is Tribex10.  These aren’t folks looking to march into D.C. and make some grand and final stand but folks that want to build a safer and freer society for them and their posterity.  I applaud the hell out of that.  Am I a part of it?  No – I have my focus here in my battlespace and I’m winning.

On the drama surrounding it?  In every movement, with every aspect of our culture there will be people that tear things down or seek to destroy because of whatever petty jealousy exists in their heads. Maybe they miss some former imagined glory, who knows?  Who really cares?  Folks these types are agitators (although I prefer the term Drama Queens) and ignoring them will make them go back to the obscurity they deserve. Look, no-one is perfect.  But to insist one’s own background is irrelevant because of their current position while throwing stones at another’s background  is pure and utter hypocrisy and reeks of a childish mentality or at least of someone with low or no self esteem.  If the shoe fits wear it.

Folks ignore the agitators.  If you work hard enough and are dedicated enough things will happen.  And ignore the drama queens in tutus that seek to tear things down.

And that’s the last time I’ll address this.


About Treaded

Semi-retired career and contract troop. I own and maintain my own small ranch out here in beautiful rural America.
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14 Responses to Real Work and Slapfighting in Happyland

  1. glenn allen says:

    If you ain’t loved hated or talked about your not doing anything. Seems trust is the big issue. With this group, due to some alleged dubious past behavior of some of the participants, there is a lot on the line. Developing that trust will come with some risks and take time but If they are honest and decent folk it will come out if they ain’t then we will see soon enough. I wish them well and gods speed in their endeavor but, I prefer western NC. I have my people here so I am sticking. We Appalachians are real good at surviving hard times.Local. local local.

  2. Teresa Sue says:

    Glad to hear you are well and good. Wouldn’t it be great if “Citadels” sprang up all over the country?
    Miss Violet

    • Treaded says:

      Sis glad to see you around. And they are, all over the country – we just don’t advertise them. I see more and more rural folks “tribing up” as time progresses and things get fuglier.

  3. Christian Gains says:

    Treaded, haven’t heard about the III Citadel movement(?)…am interested, can you give a link? thanks! As for “Tribe vs Citadel, (if latter has to do with unified force / fortified location, I suggest everyone read Dr. Reviera’s VERY Constitutionally sound council on “Reviving State Militias. He details the difference (legal & social), beteen privite and State Militias, and why the first is a MAJOR mistake, and the ssecond is the ONLY, CONSTITUTIONALLY supported option for illiminating the Federal threats and authority, State by State. the “petitions” are fine, but toothless, therefore wasted time. (, [scroll down right collumn to Dr. Vieira’s name, and clk on it, Ck out ALL his Legal council on Constitutionality of State Militias…VERY IMFORMATIVE and ACTUAL Legal council).

    • Treaded says:

      All the info on the Citadel project is here: Note I am not involved in it – as stated I am dominating my own battlespace for the time being.

      I’ve read Viera’s work but honestly when it comes to Militias I am very neutral. I have done some work training militia folks but by and large don’t buy into the concept. The ones I have seen tend to become overstaffed with “Officers” and breeding grounds for egos.

      The concept of tribe isn’t necessarily an opposing concept of either the Citadel nor the militia movement. It’s a bit more expansive in function (and not primarily military in nature) and tends to be local exclusively neighbor/relation inclusive. In a lot of aspects the concept of the Citadel creates a tribe, albeit on a larger scale.

  4. robroysimmons says:

    IMO the key word here is “society.” The militia folks need that first. I believe when most people think of militia they think of Lexington and Concord but then gloss over the society that produced the militias that captures their imagination. Going straight to guns and camo instead of building society pretty much puts you in the beaten zone of the welfare state’s guns.


  6. riverrider says:

    i couldn’t give two craps what somebody else is doing with their money. how do i make retreat more defensible??

    • Treaded says:

      You may not but there are those that have asked my opinion so I gave it.

      Amigo this blog is not about “defending a retreat”. It’s about making small rural communities more defensible when things go south. If you have a stand alone retreat and lack tribe you have a ton of considerations that won’t be readily addressed here.

      • riverrider says:

        roger that, got a tribe, need the know-how. that said, most of your posts (which i enjoy greatly) have focused on your farm so far. that is what i’m doing as well. we have a plan and assets to seal off our hood to vehicular traffic. now we need to prep to handle the foot traffic which will likely be hostile, and if they get this far, determined. why waste time bickering with someone that clearly can’t be swayed with logic? thats all i was saying. lets move, dare i say it…forward:)

      • Christian Gains says:

        I’ve been following your Blogs awhile, and find them VERY common sensical. “TRIBE” is a MUST in times of violence (regardless the perps), and finding, and establishing a “COMMUNITY” that develops into a “TRIBE” is even MORE advantageous. I’m CERTAINLY paying attention to each new entry…THANKS!

        “riverrider”, think you got that well cleared up…and it’s good to know that Treaded IS REALLY inspiring others. (I think the “defending a retreat” gave the wrong impression. The problem with “walking traffic” is worthy of some thought.
        I’d imagine that MUSCH depends upon your terrain, location & proximity to others (homes/retreat areas), and the size of your “area to defend”, plus the “combat capable” number in your TRIBE.

      • Treaded says:

        Hence “The Wave” entry.

  7. millerized says:

    Thanks, Treaded!

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