The Current State of Affairs


Just a brief update.  No I haven’t been nabbed by TPTB (I figure once they snag Bracken then I’ll start worrying about that).  I’m currently out on a contract that is going to last a few more months and ‘net access is few and far between so if you leave a comment and don’t see it right away no it probably didn’t get deleted I just haven’t been able to get on and do anything with the blog.  Once I get back things will get going again and the posts will pickup. Until then stay frosty my friends.


About Treaded

Semi-retired career and contract troop. I own and maintain my own small ranch out here in beautiful rural America.
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6 Responses to The Current State of Affairs

  1. Thanks! Was wondering…Take care, keep aware,…looking forward to when you’re back on regularly.

    Read your post & the comments on “Open Letter”, and agree, generally, but don’t REALLY see the division happening ANYTHING as in the 1860’s.

    We’ve got WAY TOO MANY libtards down here! {Montgumery Al., Atlanta Ga. Liberty City, Fl. etc].

    Shirley Jackson Lee, [here in Houston], is a PRIME example of stupid, stuffed with stupid, doing stupider…

    Any way I look at our conditions, I see NOTHING less than a blood bath, once B.O.[da stink’a uh D.C.] gets done…and the “entitlements” stop flowing, and the “” begins “assisting killing” …God bless!

  2. Shrugger says:

    Unfortunately, LF, they will probably snag you and Bracken at the same time!
    Staying frosty in August in Arkansas–tall order, but workin’ it.

    • Treaded says:

      Naw amigo I’m nowhere near talented enough to be in the same league as Bracken. When I get back we’re relocating – as ZZ Top says “My head’s in Mississippi” 😉

      • Shrugger says:

        You know, I just got to Arky from Texas (someone told me I improved the average IQ of both states in the process). Will try to hold the gains you made in this state whilst you go fix up another.

      • Treaded says:

        If you get up Harrison way make sure to stop in and see old man Saxon. He’s getting on in years but his mind is still as sharp as a trap.

  3. Ain’t we ALL “gett’in on in yrs.”? Yup! But, as long as the grey matter works, so do I!

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