Putting Some Teeth in the Tribe: What Do We Need To Be Able To Do?

Fightin' Lizards

Alright – a new topic (here anyway)  and a lot to write about. Now we’re going to start digging into the process of actually building usable fighting skills and knowledge among your tribe members.  The next few entries are going to attempt to impart upon you some basic realities you’ll be dealing with along with some nice simple tips to use when establishing your security force.  To set the record straight right now I’m going to be referring to what I call a “Rural Defense Force” (RDF) throughout this series.  That is simply the defensive element of your tribe.  The folks that actually defend the area.

This entry is going to deal with defining operational capabilities and using a simple training methodology.  Operational capabilities are the tasks that you need/want to be able to execute.   I.e. do you want to establish roadblocks, conduct ambushes, raids, deliberate defenses, etc?   You need to sit down and conceptualize what tasks your RDF will have to accomplish.  This is how you focus your training as your efforts need to be geared towards supporting these capabilities.  For the .mil guys out there this is what we used to refer to as a developing a Mission Essential Task List (METL) along with associated drills but we’re going to go through this without the luxury of having higher echelon tasks and directives to work this out. Basically we’re going to build a list of tactical tasks that we identify are critical to the defense of our tribal area.  The difference here is normally a METL goes no lower than a Company but unless you’re really fortunate chances are you won’t have the kind of strength.  So I’m going to make another convention at this point – when I refer to METL what I am actually using are more akin to ARTEP battle drills for a Platoon and Squad sized element.  Training methodology is simply the way we’re going to train.

Before you begin this process it’s a pretty good idea to go through a throughout terrain and threat analysis.  As an example if the threat is known to not and will not likely have armored vehicles then establish an anti-armor ambush would be low on your task list.  If you need some help identifying tasks this is where the Army field manuals can come into play.  Take a look at ARTEP 7-8-Drill which lists tasks for the platoon and squad sized elements. The lists in that manual should help you identify the kind of tasks you want to be able to accomplish.  Are we going to use the info from that manual verbatim?  No we’re not. But for now use it to help identify tasks.

One thing about tasks.  Right off the bat you need to understand that there are individual tasks and “collective” tasks.  Individual tasks are the tasks that folks do as an individual – i.e.  applying a tourniquet is an individual task.  “Collective tasks” are tasks that are executed as a collective element be it a buddy team, fire team, squad, or platoon.  Individual tasks usually support collective tasks – i.e. an individual might acquire and engage targets with their rifle while conducting team fire and maneuver.  For now we’re going to focus on collective type tasks.


Dose of reality time: There are some tasks which will probably be worthless and some you won’t have the resources to accomplish.  An example of a worthless tasks for your purpose might be “Change formation (mounted)”.  That task is designed for forces that are mounted in vehicles and have the terrain to actually change their physical association during travel. Granted if you live in the desert it might be worthwhile but that’s just an example.  A task you might not have the resources to execute would be “Knock out bunkers”.  Now does that mean we ignore them?  Not necessarily.  The possibility to adapt and develop techniques to deal with those tasks using our existing capabilities might just be worthwhile.

So we’ve gone through our analysis, familiarized ourselves with tasks, and for Shits n’ Giggles we’ve come up with this list of critical tasks.  To keep it simple we’ll focus on one task for right now: Conducting an ambush.  Sounds simple right? Welp there are different categories of ambushes (hasty, deliberate) and different types (point, area, L shaped, etc.).  Don’t get lost in the weeds at this point instead focus on the general task itself and identify the collective and individual skills required to support this task.  The graphic below illustrates how those individual tasks support the collective tasks.


Sound training methodology dictates we need to be proficient in the individual tasks before we attempt collective tasks otherwise we’ll not only waste time having to teach individual tasks while trying to focus on the collective tasks but our execution of the collective tasks will be sloppy at best. That equates to a waste of training time and energy.

In the graphic notice I circled the “engage targets” individual task.  Sounds simple enough but think about what that task entails.  It could include such supporting skills like :

  • Load your rifle
  • Acquire targets
  • Apply elevation and windage to engage stationary and moving targets
  • Perform suppressive fire

These individual skills are once again supported by such tasks as maintaining your rifle, zeroing your rifle, etc. .

The key thing here I want to impart upon you is that we need to identify our collective task requirements and then work downward to identify the critical tasks and skills needed to execute those collective tasks. By focusing on the individual tasks prior to training the collective tasks we avoid unnecessary training frustrators and save time and effort.

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Real Work and Slapfighting in Happyland

Old Fat Broken Down Man in a tutu - a real drama queen.

Recently I’ve been asked more than once about my position on the III Citadel that some folks are setting up and what I thought about it.  I was also pointed to some of the surrounding drama that’s taken place of late.  Here’s my take:

I hope like hell the III Citadel concept grows and flourishes.

Pretty simple, huh?  Why?  Because the concept is Tribex10.  These aren’t folks looking to march into D.C. and make some grand and final stand but folks that want to build a safer and freer society for them and their posterity.  I applaud the hell out of that.  Am I a part of it?  No – I have my focus here in my battlespace and I’m winning.

On the drama surrounding it?  In every movement, with every aspect of our culture there will be people that tear things down or seek to destroy because of whatever petty jealousy exists in their heads. Maybe they miss some former imagined glory, who knows?  Who really cares?  Folks these types are agitators (although I prefer the term Drama Queens) and ignoring them will make them go back to the obscurity they deserve. Look, no-one is perfect.  But to insist one’s own background is irrelevant because of their current position while throwing stones at another’s background  is pure and utter hypocrisy and reeks of a childish mentality or at least of someone with low or no self esteem.  If the shoe fits wear it.

Folks ignore the agitators.  If you work hard enough and are dedicated enough things will happen.  And ignore the drama queens in tutus that seek to tear things down.

And that’s the last time I’ll address this.

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SITREP From The Farm (And What’s Left Of Free America)

A worn out old cowboy

Just a quick situation report.  Nope, I haven’t abandoned the blog and yes I am literally busier than a one legged man in an asskicking contest.  I have so many irons in the fire right now the prioritization is kind of a jumble.

The next blog entry is awaiting some refining of graphics.  I am going to take a basic photoshop course at the local clown college so my dependence on a graphics smart guy will be nil.  But in the meantime This is a little glimpse into my world:

I’ve got two 3 day SUT classes scheduled over the next month.  Since thanksgiving I have run two different groups through a full weekend course short notice.  Demand is high folks – on everyone.  Especially with the insanity going on.

The incoming county Sheriff (whom incidentally is my second cousin and a helluva Constitutionalist) has asked me to put together a framework for a volunteer force to guard local schools in both an armed and unarmed capacity.  This is currently priority one on my taskers.

Apparently I am now also the local gunsmith ironing out AR builds for folks that have attempted to put their own rifles together.  Folks please if you lack the tools or knowledge get with someone that has done it before.  It saddens me when I see a ruined high dollar upper.

A big one:  I along with most of the other local beef ranchers here have pulled our stock from the public market.  We’re selling to private parties only at what amounts to a lower rate than supermarkets charge.  We finagled a local butcher to slaughter and package the beef once it’s sold (so in essence folks are buying a live beef and for their cost getting a final product).  Why is this important?  We’re making more money, people are saving money and we’re throwing the finger to the markets.  Watch this type of movement because it’s going to gain momentum and is already happening in several states.  And not just beef either.  A friend of mine whom is a major supplier to Tyson poultry didn’t renew his contract with them after they tried to force him to lower his price.  He went local and he’s making more and folks are saving more.  Bottom line:

The Inner cities may control the vote but by God we control the food.  And to the man we’re ready to scorch the earth before we let them take it away.

Once the taskers clear up a bit I’ll hit this harder but for now my focus is local, local, local.  As should yours be.




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Thanksgiving Thoughts

I haven’t had a lot of free time to do much of anything but this afternoon I finally managed to sit down and get some work done.  Look for the next entry as soon as I finish getting my list of honey-dos cleaned up.  I wanted to jot this down more for posterity so I could refer to it later on than share it but I believe it’s good and decent to reflect on what I’m thankful for.  Some of the relevant things I’m thankful for are:

A helluva woman that has stood by me through thick and thin.  Without her I’d be and have  nothing..literally.

I’m thankful to be alive.  Really.  There’s been more than one close call in the past and for some unknown reason it hasn’t been my time yet.  My grandmother used to have a saying: “God takes care of two types of people sonny boy: those that do his work and dumbasses”.  I ain’t a Preacher so I guess I’m in the latter group.

I’m thankful that we still have some precious time left to prepare for what’s coming.  And that we’ve had the foresight to prepare. If you’re reading this blog chances are you one of us. And now is not the time to sit on our laurels.  Back in the day one of my Commanders had a poster in his office that stated : “On the plains of hesitation lie the blackened bones of countless millions who at the dawn of victory lay down to rest, and in resting died.” Most of us believe time is running out so to be really thankful we can’t waste it.

I’m thankful I haven’t lost my humanity.  Lord knows there were times it grew dark but it’s still intact.  And regardless of how bad things get I refuse to let it die.  I’ll temper it with justice and common sense (don’t get me wrong – I’m capable of some pretty nasty shit if the need arises) but I believe once we lose our humanity there’s really no difference between us and those we so abhor.

I’m thankful for the guys out there that work to make a difference.  Mosby, AMerc, Max V, Sam, and the whole list that is too long to note here.  Whether it’s sharing training, doctrine, or even philosophy those that work to hedge the bet in our favor these folks are a true gift. Confucius said “If you want to make a stand help others make a stand”.  Thanks guys (and gals).

I’m thankful that I have the resources to help others that are busting their asses to survive.  Those folks that live by the TANSTAAFL mentality more than deserve it.  And in true country boy spirit I’ll continue helping until I can’t or they quit.

I’m thankful that there are still young men and women that are willing to go in harm’s way to confront evil.  Some of them are going to eat a Thanksgiving dinner out of cold inserts away from their families just as the generations before them have done.

You may have a list of things you’re thankful for and being thankful in itself is one thing.  To really be thankful we have to make a difference in some way, shape, or form no matter how miniscule in those that need and deserve help.  Sam has an excellent grasp of that with his “III to III” concept.  If you’re in the position to make a difference you don’t owe it to others to do so.  You owe it to yourself.

Myself and the rest of the pack are going light this year.  We’ve got one son in Afghanistan and one in Africa so this is going to be a different type of thanksgiving for me – it seems I was always the one gone over the holidays.  No doubt HH6 is familiar with not having the family near during this time of the year but for me this is going to be a completely different Thanksgiving.  So there’s no cooking for us tomorrow, instead we’re heading up to the VA hospital to spend it with some of my brothers and sisters.

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So WTF happens Now?

OK, election madness behind us and the powers that be “status quo” has been maintained.  And of course as usual the markets dropped like led zeppelins this morning (with the exception of S&W and Ruger – god bless the industry). Thankfully we’re being spared the legion of leeches/lawyers and Al and Jessee’s screed at least for now – maybe too much tequila addled my brain with my predictions, dunno.  So what happens now?

Smart Common Sense money is on ramping up your preparations whatever they may be.  In the previous entry I wrote about the speed of that boot coming down on our faces – welp folks I’ll bet the farm it’s going to be coming  a helluva lot faster now.  Obama had already publicly stated he wants another “Assault weapons” ban  (AWB) and even snuck in a mention of pistols in the process.  I hate the idea of panic buying but honestly NOW is the time to get what you need (BTW, the anticipated huge increase in demand is why S&W and Ruger’s stocks aren’t tanking with the rest of the market).  I lived through the original AWB and watched the value of my cheapass Polytech AK go through the roof.  Is shit expensive now?  Yeah.  And it’s going to get worse down the road.  Just sit down and look across the board at what you need.  Then compare it to not only the political climate but the demand that climate is going to drive.  It’s just good old basic supply and demand and although the progressives (that’s commie in our old 80s language) have no clue on how to leverage it their actions are damn sure going to impact it.  Firearms, ammo, generators, fuel, etc.  Get it now while it’s not hyper-inflated due to an insane demand.

If you read some of the economic blogs and sites (Zerohedge is a good one) they are all pointing to the “fiscal cliff” we’re going to encounter on 1 January.  When the fed socializes all of those underwater mortgages we can kiss our collective economic asses goodbye.  Sure it’ll keep the savages happy for a while but guess what – somehow somewhere those actions have to be paid for.  We’re heading into what I like to call “The Zimbabwe economic model”.  Do you have any idea how many Zim dollars it takes to buy a loaf of bread?  Got a wheelbarrow or small truck?  The first of January is less than 2 months away as of the publish date of this entry.  Yesterday was the day for you to get offa yer ass, get yer shit together, and be working your plan.  If you haven’t then you’ve got to work a helluva lot harder because as so many state time is not on our side.

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My Predictions For The El/Rection – Cynicism


Here’s my dos pesos and tequila soaked prediction:  No clear winner right away, lots of lawyers, Chris Matthews has some form of stroke (one can hope), followed by the obligatory reverend Al and Jesse with their racebaiting screed.  Meanwhile our liberties and security die a little more each day regardless of who is declared the victor. Our children continue to inherit a bigger bite of an eventual shit sandwich, and the only difference is the speed at which the boot descends on our face. Why?  Too many sheeple, too many self absorbed, too many members of the free shit army, too few real contributors and the ones that can be productive are ready to “Go Gault” and frankly I don’t blame them.

Remember: Nowadays the only difference between Election and Erection is one letter but both are used to screw you.  Prep now because time ain’t on your side.

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Defense: Obstacles Part XII: Starting to Set It All Up

OK, back to the grind.  I’ve managed to catch up on the work around here after my little overseas soiree  and it’s time to start finishing this puppy off.  Sometime either later this year or early next year the entire series on terrain is going to get published in an eBook so those that are valiantly printing and saving hold off because I’ve got some additional info and points I’m going to lump in with the existing info once I start editing it down.

In this entry we’re going to begin looking at actually placing obstacles to work for us.  A quick recap on what we’ve learned about obstacles thus far: Obstacles serve multiple purposes.  They are designed to delay and frustrate a threats movement, funnel or channel the threat to where we want him to go, deny critical terrain to the threat, and buy you time to react.  They will not stop a determined threat.  And the golden rule of obstacles above all else: anything designed to frustrate a threats movement towards you is likely to frustrate your egress from the area you’ve emplaced the obstacles in.

Alright – we’re going to split this up into two areas, micro and macro.  Micro for our purposes is going to be the land you directly control – your homestead.  The macro portion is the remainder of your tribal AO and the terrain surrounding it.  We’re going to tackle micro first because some of these measures you can take right now.  Others might be a bit more conspicuous and you may want to hold off on them.

First up let’s look at our homestead again.  Remember in previous entries we cleared some land, felled some trees, expanded our pond (noted by the blue area).  Here’s what we have to work with:

In a previous entry we also took a look at fields of fire. Now for the sake of argument for the remainder of this entry we’re going to assume that the folks that live on this homestead are going to defend from the house itself.  During latter entries I’ll cover some ways to actually harden the house and its surrounding structures but for now to keep it simple they’re using the house.  So what we have to do is actually determine our fields of fire from inside the house to the surrounding terrain.  To do that we’re going to use the obvious fields of observation we have – windows.  Now when you look out a window to determine a field of fire there’s a golden rule – get the hell back from it.  Why?  A person in a window is an obvious target.  By backing off a couple of feet you reduce your silhouette.  The trade off is you also reduce your field of observation and fire.  Think about it this way:  From a window you have a lot of terrain to observe.  Someone looking at the house itself is going to be looking at those windows – a much smaller field of target detection for the threat.  By backing off a couple of feet  (at least far enough back so your muzzle is still a foot away from the window) you reduce your profile.  Now once you’ve decided which windows you’re going to use and determined what you can see on your left and right you’ll want to plot that on a drawing or map.  What we’re actually doing here is building a sort of range card – a tool the military uses to identify the characteristics of a defensive position.  So we’ve drawn them out and come up with something like this (simplified for the sake of illustration):

The light red areas represent the terrain that we can observe and fire on.  We’re going to dig into this one just a bit deeper in the illustration (which looks like a Luchadore nightmare) below.

Notice that I’ve highlighted the areas that were dark red in the previous illustration in orange on this one.  This is common terrain that more than one window/position can fire on.  The term we’re going to use for that is Interlocking Fires (the old cowboy term for it was crossfire). Interlocking fields of observation and fire are high payoff (meaning they are more lethal for the threat) – simply due to the fact that more than one shooter can engage targets in that area thereby increasing the chance that a threat in that area will be successfully engaged.  Interlocking fields of fire are a critical aspect of defense and pretty darn important to how we position our obstacle sin the micro terrain sense.  Remember we want our obstacles to channel the threat into our fields of fire and by positioning them to force them into or delay them in our interlocking fields of fire we increase our lethality against the threat.  Notice the areas I have blacked out?  That is what’s called Deadspace.  Deadspace is an area in which you cannot observe nor fire effectively into.  When you look out those windows/firing positions you want to make sure you depict that deadspace because deadspace can be lethal – to you.  The threat can use deadspace to move closer to its objective with less chance of being observed and engaged so finding and dealing with that deadspace is critical.  More on it below.

Now we’ve established our fields of fire we’re going to look at what we have in the way of existing obstacles – which is probably fences.  In the illustration below I’ve overlaid the existing fences in relation to our fields of fire and deadspace.  We’re looking decent to the west and east with good coverage however notice we’re lacking in the north and south/southwest.

What we have to do is determine where and what kinds of obstacles we’re going to emplace in the immediate vicinity of our house to work to our advantage and offset our defensive weaknesses (which includes the aforementioned deadspace).  So let’s plug a few additional fences and wire obstacles into our layout and see how it looks.

In this illustration I’ve depicted our additional immediate obstacle  with blue lines.  To the west we have excellent coverage and good interlocking fields of fire and observation so the placement isn’t so critical however I’ve placed additional fencing in to frustrate the threats lateral (north to south) movement in that area.  Remember the longer a threat is in your field of fire dealing with an obstacle the longer you have to engage them.   To the north we’ve done basically the same thing.  To the west notice how the fencing has run all the way to the expanded pond?  With the way that area is laid out in relation to the pond it’s going to be what we consider a less-likely avenue of approach for a threat on foot during a direct assault.    In some of the other areas we’ve fenced our deadspace off to help prevent threat movement into and out of that deadspace .  The key here is Frustrate the threat’s movement, Delay him in your field of fire, and Deny him easy access to your deadspace.

And now we have to deal with our deadspace.  First off – is that amount of deadspace realistic?  To the north probably not so much.  Houses typically have quite a few windows facing the normal main avenue of approach (which in our case is the road).  You’ll encounter normal headspace  immediately around your field of observation/fire (think below or immediately beside a window) and beyond any structures.  Which brings us to the sore thumb in this illustration – that huge amount of deadspace to the southwest.  That deadspace is something that just can’t be ignored, it’s too close to our position – well within hand thrown ordinance.  How do we deal with it?  Well, you can evaluate it against the remainder of your micro terrain and against your macro terrain (maybe there’s another homestead between those building in the illustration and the threats’ main avenue of ingress) and make a decision whether to level it or leave it standing.  Leveling it and the other offending structures will probably cure your deadspace issue but that may just not be an option – especially if you’re trying to keep your homestead productive.  Another option could be to wire it completely off – once again that may be too great an impact on production.  Sow some nasty little surprises for a threat that tries to use that area?  Your decision but personally I wouldn’t want them that close to the homestead where one of my family or livestock could stumble across them.  Early warning devices?  More acceptable.  Another option is to establish a bunker or developed fighting position to cover that deadspace.  Once again this has pros and cons.   Fighting positions are only effective if they’re being fought from and if you have reaction time to get to them.  All the foxholes, trenches, and bunkers in the world do you no good if they aren’t manned.  So weight that decision against your capabilities and resources.  If you have inbound family during a SHTF scenario maybe that’s a good place to position them.  If you go that route then remember – you have to have some form of comms between the main house and that developed position to maintain situational awareness.  Handheld radios, wire, whatever.   If you go that route plan on developing a system by which you can get as much early warning as possible from that direction.  If I had to place a position in that area I’d probably put it somewhere near the star in the illustration below.  That position could provide some observation and fire on that deadspace while still being in a position to be supported by fires from the house but for the reasons I’ve outlined above could prove to be a liability.

It doesn’t really take a lot of effort to take the time to look around your micro-terrain (your immediate land) and asses what your fields of fire and observation are.  Weigh your defensive plan against where and how the threat can or may come at you and place the obstacles we’ve covered in this series up to now to capitalize on interlocking fields of observation and fire.

Note in this entry we didn’t get a whole lot into Defense In Depth.  I’m planning on tying that in when I address ways and means to actually harden the house itself.  Defense in depth on a 360 degree front is a can of worms for a small (think 5 or 6 household members) group and it deserves its own entry.

Next up we’ll start assessing our macro terrain at the tribal level and cover some things like obstacle parties.  Till then keep the powder dry and the pantry stocked.

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