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The Ground Where I Stand: Determining the AO

The Operational Area (AO) for our purposes is going to be the area we primarily defend PLUS areas of interest connected to it.  An Area defense is a defense that encompasses just that – an area.  A point defense for … Continue reading

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Start Here.

Practical and Tactical SHTF Thinking and Planning For Rural Communities. No clue where to start?  Well, everyone starts somewhere.  And it’s not as important as where you start as the fact you start – NOW.   The first thing I want … Continue reading

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Defending Static Positions in a Survival Setting

From Rawles Survivalblog.  Defending Static Positions in a Survival Setting JWR asks the question: In a world without advanced medical care or even antibiotics available, who in their right minds would risk repeated attacks on a resilient target? I would … Continue reading

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