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My Local Fusion Center: The Waffle House

Sounds silly as hell, right?  Let me explain.  Every small town has some kind of rinky-dink little coffee shop or restaurant where folks gather.  In the area I’m living in now just north about ten miles is a small city … Continue reading

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The Union Creek Journal: A Sidebar

The Union Creek Journal: A Chronicle of Survival I’ve been following this excellent work of fiction written by a Blogger that seems well suited for the main theme of this blog.  Take the time to read it in order from … Continue reading

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The Ground Where I Stand: Determining the AO

The Operational Area (AO) for our purposes is going to be the area we primarily defend PLUS areas of interest connected to it.  An Area defense is a defense that encompasses just that – an area.  A point defense for … Continue reading

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Tools for Fools – SA Analysis Tool #1

Meet Mr. Piechart.  He’s going to be the first tool we use in analyzing threat trends in and around our AO.  This isn’t a set in stone format but just something to give you an idea of what the tool … Continue reading

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Establish and Maintain Situational Awareness – A Primer to Intelligence Sources

For pretty much ever people have wanted to know what was going on in and around their area.  The daily paper, News, gossip circles and what not have evolved over time to fulfill this curiosity.  Situational Awareness (SA) simplified  is … Continue reading

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Building Skills = Building the Tribe: A Sidebar.

There’s good days and bad.   Sometimes the good days surprise you.  Today was one of those days.   This afternoon I had it setup to go shoot with young LCpl from down the road.  I threw together some target frames this … Continue reading

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Start Here.

Practical and Tactical SHTF Thinking and Planning For Rural Communities. No clue where to start?  Well, everyone starts somewhere.  And it’s not as important as where you start as the fact you start – NOW.   The first thing I want … Continue reading

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